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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Koilybay Asanuly

Koilybay Asanuly

Koilybay Asanuly

Koilybay Asanuly was born on 10 November in Aktau village, Zhanaarka district, Karaganda oblast in the family of the shepherd. In 1991 he finished Karaganda State University, Philology Faculty. Later, he worked as a correspondent in the oblast youth weekly edition “Zamandas”, newspaper “Ortalyk Kazakhstan”.


In 1993-1996 years he was an editor-in-chief in the oblast healthcare newspaper “Shipager” in Karaganda.


Since 1994 he was a member to the Journalists’ Union of Kazakhstan. And starting with 1998 he worked at Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov at the Department of Journalism.


In 2010 he defended the doctoral dissertation on the theme “The publicistic feature of the art of aitys”. The doctor of philological sciences, professor. The cultural activist of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


He published the books:

  • “Zhylymyk zhyldar zhangyrugy” (publicistic, 2004);
  • “Е.А.Buletov-publicist” (scientific research,2006);
  • “Aitys onerinin publitsistikalyk sipaty” (monograph,2010);
  • “Soz oneri zhane zhurnalistika” (study guide, 2012).


For the first time Koilybai Asanuly participated in 1987 in the Republican teleaitys in the city of Pavlodar, after that he took part in aitys competitions for more than 20 years.


He competed with such famous in the republic akyns as Bayangali Alimzhanov, Serik Kusanbayev, Kudaiberli Myrzabekov, Shorabek Aidarov, Azimbek Zhankuliev, Mukhametzhan Tazabekov, and Zhadyra Kutzhanova.


He became the winner in the aityses at the 330th anniversary of Tole bi, 300th anniversary of Kabanbai batyr, also the 130th anniversary of kuishi Saydaly Sary Toka, 125th anniversary of akyn Kenishbay.


In 1989 he won in the International student-youth aitys in Shymkent, a number of oblast, regional aityses in Karagabda.

Koilybai was a participant to the Zheltoksan movement in 1986. During those years the Internal affairs body persecuted and imposed administrative penalty on him for the agitation and organizational works.


Later, the following articles of his came out as periodicals, in which he disclosed lots of true things of that time:

  • “Zheltoksannyn kara zheli” (“Zamandas”, 1991);
  • “Zheltoksan kazakka ne berdi” (“Ortalyk Kazakhstan” 2006)/

Thus, Koilybay Asanuly is the writer and journalist who touched the issues of the land and country fortune, language, religion and other national issues.