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Akhmet Baitursynuly
My Sonya



My Sonya

My Sonya

All mechanical devices with built-in intelligence are said to have a soul.  I even read on the Internet that machines have a soul.  And even films on this topic were shot quite a lot.  Mysticism and truth have come together into one unsolved.  the great secret of the universe.  Today I was once again convinced that my phone has a soul.  And, as I suppose, this is a girl, and head over heels in love with my lanky little brother.  Well, this is understandable, many girls run after Aydarik.  Cute.  tall, white Kazakh!  But for the phone to fall in love with a person!  This is the first time!  I would not have believed it if it had not been for myself convinced of this.


This frosty morning was like hundreds of others, no different from each other.  Mom is busy in the kitchen.  A sweet aroma of something delicious floats from there, and my stomach begins to emit a characteristic gurgle.  But you can't.  Today is Monday.  And on Mondays I have a post.  For health.  Dad is sitting at the computer.  Reading something, typing on the keys.  All so serious and with glasses.  He is a pensioner.  They taught him the computer purely out of pity, because out of boredom he did not know what to do.  And now we don't know what to do .... Dad sits at his computer in the morning, exactly from 8 in the morning, as if to work, he goes to the Internet and until 12 noon.  Then he has a break for lunch, and after a half-hour walk.  For this scanty, according to my understanding, time, I have to type all my poems and stories written in a notebook from the evening into a notebook, and also flip through the news for a free computer (this is the time of my father's lunch and walk)  Since I don't have time for an hour or two, I naturally pick up my phone.  My Sonya is a very capricious lady.  If something does not suit her, she immediately turns off, is capricious.  She also loves to eat and needs to be charged from time to time.  It is simply impossible to type texts on it.  So this time, looking through the news in the feed, I come across beautiful, almost stunning, almost like a photo, paintings by one artist.  Above there is a small inscription, where it is written that he was born in 1960, and entered an art school in 2000, and in the same year began to be exhibited and sold in the Gallery.  My eyes lit up.  I also want to go to this school, but I am well over 40 ... Mom says that I am already old for an institute, at least in Kazakhstan.  But the thought that it's never too late haunts me.  And then I go to Google, type can I go to college at 45 years old.  Assuming a lot of information, I put on my glasses and ... read the written short three-word phrase goodbye search.


 -I did not get that.  It is that I am old enough to learn.
  I dial again
  - Criminal authoritative grandfathers have long since said goodbye to school in the hope of entering ... Farewell to school ...
 - What does the criminal grandfathers have to do with it?
 - Otitis media is a medical term ...
  - What other otitis media?  I'm talking about something else ...
 - Orgonite is an alloy of metal and something else that is not metal, for example, plastic ...
   My eyes went up to my forehead ...
  - Always have breakfast with the President ...
  - Yes, right now he will take me into his mansion ... - I muttered, stumbling upon annoying advertisements.
To which my Sonya replied:
   The rejuvenating cream with oxygen in capsules will restore your youthfulness and you will feel lightness in your stomach again ...
 - What youth!  What cream ?!  What does my stomach have to do with it ?!  - although no ... my stomach is gurgling and I want to eat, but I can't ... So I'm keeping a fast, this is also ...
  Angry, she swung and threw the phone away.  Sonya softly landed on a snow-white pillow.  He is silent for a minute, then emits a corresponding signal, lighting up with a green light.
  I sit in silence.  I don't react to her whims.
 Let her sit hungry. Let's see how she sings ... - I'm angry, but no, no, I look in her direction.  Silence .... Probably offended.  The light first faded and then went out altogether.  The room is quiet.  Only Aydarik is sitting at the computer.  Dad left for his lunch, but I didn't have time, skipping my turn to my computer because of this harm.

 - _- Well, why are you angry?  - Aydar addresses me.  - Is she to blame.  that your fingers are thick ...
  - No, she fell in love with you.  And fingers have nothing to do with it!  Your fingers are thicker than mine.
  In response, Aydar picks up my phone.
  The phone sighs softly.  like a kiss.
  Aydar calmly types my text on a miniature telephone keypad and shows the information highlighted there.  Numerous art institutions and painting institutes and photographs of these institutions and artists flew on the screen as a great descendant.
 - Look .... earned .... - I am surprised.
  - Eh you ... - Aydar quietly hit my exhausted head, ruffling my hair tousled in the morning, and left the room.
  Seeing, or rather, feeling this, my Sonya let out a sad, drawn-out sigh, similar to a quiet, girlish, a little stifled cry and fell silent.
Realizing her sadness, remembering my first, unhappy love, I went up to her, took her in my hands ... But she did not react in any way.  The screen remained darker than the night.  Deciding to make up with her, I took the charger and connected it to the network.  Thoughts of first love shook my heart ... It's winter outside and the sun is shining with might and main.  Dad and Aydar after lunch, gathered for a walk ...
  “Aydar, do you want me to give you my phone?” I asked, deciding that my Sonya should be happy.  Since I'm not lucky, let her be lucky at least.
 - Why do I need it?  I have my own phone ... - Aydar put on his down jacket and went out after his father.
My Sonya burst into tears, uttering a sad sad, heartbreaking melody and fell silent.
  -Eh, guys!  - burst out from me.  - What do you understand ... And why do we girls fall in love with the wrong ones?

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