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A great evening of Polish poetry with Kazakh calor...

11.04.2017 1848

A great evening of Polish poetry with Kazakh calorite

A great evening of Polish poetry with Kazakh calorite -

In Astana, there was a big evening of Polish poetry, organized by the public association Polska Jedność with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kazakhstan.

“We set ourselves the goal not only to talk about such authors as world famous Adam Mickiewicz, Czeslaw Milosz or Wislawa Shimborskaya, but also to show the wonderful world of Polish poetry in all its glory. As the brilliant translator Anatoly Geleskul thought Europe can be justly proud of three great poetry: Russian, Spanish and Polish. And Poland is featured here not only because it has long been considered the heart of Europe, in the first place important and more than convincing centuries-old traditions with which Polish poets have come to this day. In addition, I wanted to create a real poetic atmosphere with the maximum immersion in the chosen theme. That's what the name “The Great Evening of Polish Poetry” came from,” - explained Rinat Dusumov, Vice-President of the Public Association Polska Jedność, opening the event.

Looking ahead, we note: the idea was successful to the organizers. The evening was full not only, in fact, verses, which everyone could read in the format "free microphone", but also with accents that emphasize the subject of the meeting. As she was passing in the restaurant, a dress code was introduced: the ladies came in evening dresses, the gentlemen in tuxedos and suits. Attending the guests were an exhibition of collages of the Nobel Prize winner in literature Wisława Shimborska, a book exhibition and a gallery of poets. Portraits of the latter in an elegant framework stood on tables surrounded by candles. There were also sheets with poems by different authors and a specially published brochure with biographies ”Polish Poetry in Faces”. Attracted attention and tastefully matched musical background - the famous Polonaises and works of the genius Polish composer Frederic Chopin.

The most real journey into the world of Polish poetry from the Middle Ages to the present was offered by Master of Polish Philology Asel Sagimbekova, who prepared a mini-lecture on individual epochs. Her story was perfectly complemented by the corresponding illustrations and video inserts.

After the microphone was offered to the audience, who gladly used it. It is noteworthy that the verses were heard in Polish, Kazakh, Russian, English and Belarusian.

Surprised students of the Eurasian National University named after Leo N. Gumilev Ayrat Sadubayev and Asylbek Zakrichinov, who prepared a song in Polish under the accompaniment of dombra. Yanina Sikorska earned an ovation, artistically reading Julian Tuwim's poem “Bird's Radio”. By the way, Yanina represented Kazakhstan at the International Readers Contest in Poland, where she became a diploma student. Adam Mickiewicz's translation into Belarusian was interested in the deputy director of the library of the Nazarbayev University Peter Lapo, who turned out to be a fellow countryman of the legendary poet.

The teacher of the Polish language, Mary Ksenjek-Zamlevska, Elena Brodetskaya, Zubaida Shilova, Magdalena Kazmerchak, Aliya Akhtova and many others, recited profoundly.

Talking about famous Polish poets, the organizers did not forget about Kazakir Polyansky, Victor Kurovsky, Stanislav Sidletskaya, Vladimir Krakovsky and Yury Serebryansky about Kazakh authors of Polish origin.

Summarizing the results of the event, the second secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kazakhstan Andrzej Bober thanked the organizers and participants for their love of Polish poetry and expressed the hope that such meetings would be held more often. The official conclusion of the evening was the performance of the famous polonious duet Julia Servatinskaya and Rinat Dusumov. Exchange of opinions and reading of poems continued with tea drinking.

David Tatarsky Photo by Rinat Dusumov – Literary Portal

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