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Almost 20 books about great football players and a...

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Almost 20 books about great football players and about football

Almost 20 books about great football players and about football -

Here are almost 20 books (exactly number of the books in the list is 17 books) about great football players and about football

Many of us will remember the summer of 2017: happy news, a new achievement or just an unforgettable vacation. But, and someone will remember the merry evenings, where friends were ill for their favorite team in the World Cup. It’s called FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 from 17th of June till 2nd of July; It is considered as a "rehearsal" tournament before the World Cup, which will be held in 2018 in Russian Federation. The tournament will be played at stadiums that will later host the World Cup matches. The winners of each of the six continental championships held by the respective confederations: Confederation of African Football, The South American Football Confederation, Union of European Football Associations, Asian Football Confederation, Oceania Football Confederation, Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football. The winner of the last World Cup and the team of the country in which the competition is held will take part in the Confederations Cup also. Participants of the tournament: Russian Federation (hostess of the tournament), Germany (World Champion of 2014), Australia (Winner of the Asian Cup 2015), Chile (Winner of the America's Cup 2015), Mexico (Winner of the play-off between holders of the 2013 and 2015 Gold Cups), New Zealand (Winner of the Cup of Nations OFC 2016), Portugal (European Champion of 2016) and Cameroon (Winner of the African Nations Cup 2017). Three teams in the tournament (Russia, Portugal and Chile) are participating for the first time.

For the first time since 1997, the Cup will take place without the participation of the current (since 2005) Cup holder - the Brazilian national team. Intellect and health of the future is the guarantee of prosperity of our country. A hobby for football is a sign of supporting a healthy lifestyle.

"Literary portal" in turn offers to your attention a unique selection of books about football players and football:

1. Andriy Shevchenko – “the devil” from the east

Author: Enzo Catania

Description: For the first time the famous Italian journalist wrote about the famous football player Andriy Shevchenko, who received the title `Man of 2001`, a pupil of the legendary Lobanovsky. They made an attempt not only to present fragments of the biography of Andriy Shevchenko and to give a chronology of the latest events of the sporting life of the football player in one of the strongest clubs in the world - Milan, but also to look through the eyes of the great Ukrainian striker for Italian football and many of his problems.

2. Zinedine Zidane. Golden bald head of Zizou

Author: Jonathan Dew

Description: The book was published in 2004 before the events of World Cup 2006 in Germany, but gives a complete picture of this magnificent football player with a capital letter. I will risk expressing my opinion. Not belittling the merits of the Italian team, the real heroes of the championship were the French and their captain Zinedine Zidane, recognized as the best player of the championship. I do not even want to comment on the uncomprehend act of the Materazzi, which led to the removal of Zidane and deprived the French at the most crucial moment of the best player and the necessary confidence in the victory. Let everything that happened remain on the conscience of the Italian football players, who, without a doubt, carried out the installation at any cost to get the French out of balance. To paraphrase the words of Nikolai Ozerov, one can only say that we do not need such football. But the comments of the President of France Jacques Chirac: "Separately, I want to say about Zinedine Zidane, who, if I'm not mistaken, put on the T-shirt of the national team for the last time." I do not know what happened there and why he was removed from the field. I would like to express my attitude to this man. I think that throughout his career he showed all the best human and sporting qualities that one can imagine: he represented French sports, and so the whole of France. " Perhaps, it is better not to say.

3. Ronaldo! 21-year-old genius and 90 minutes that shocked the world

Author: Winsley Clarkson

Description: This book is dedicated to the idol of the nineties, whose life has never been described before. Although it is "possible" and does not reveal all the secrets of Ronaldo or his innermost thoughts, but is the most interesting report about his life and about that strange ending of the World Cup in Paris that you probably saw.

4. There is only one David Beckham

Author: Stafford Hildred, Tim Eubank

Description: A small book on the super-mega popular midfielder of England, Manchester United and Real Madrid David Beckham. As many people note, Beckham is not just a football player, a sex symbol, an icon, etc., he is a certain world phenomenon, a person who has been hypnotizing fans for more than 10 years with the charm of his own person.

5. Life and death of Manoel dos Santos Garrincha

Author: I.V.Goransky

Description: Ally Pele for the Brazilian national team, two-time world champion Garrincha rightly considered the best right extreme attack of all time. During his 49 years, Garrincha had survived a lot: great national glory, love and disappointment, grief from forced separation from football and even a sentence of two years in prison.

I would like to quote from the conversation of journalist I. Ghorensky with former FIFA president Joao Avelange:

"... undoubtedly it was a phenomenon in football. In the sports world neither before him nor after was there even a remotely similar athlete. He remains the most unique football player, bold improviser, cunning inventor, inventor of unthinkable, but extremely logical moves on Many called him the genius of football.

"Nobody deserves such an assessment, is it?" Neither the "football king" Pele, nor the "football academician" Beckenbauer, nor the "sorcerer" Matthews, nor the "lightning" Maradona?

- No one."

6. Cruyff. I like football

Description: The book-reflection about football one of the most famous players and coaches, "Flying Dutchman" Johan Kruifa.

The author opens his view to the readers of the problems of modern game.

7. Pele My life and wonderful game

Description: It must be hard to find on the planet of another monarch, which would so lovingly and respectfully called "great." And thus there is no gram of flattery. His kingdom - football, or rather the entire globe. This book is a kind of confession. After all, there comes a moment in life when a person, according to Vladimir Nabokov, "is saturated with memories."

There was a need in it. Apparently, something Pele, as it seems to him, did not have time to say on the football field, although he played at a high level to 40 years.

The book Pele received in France a gold medal of the Ministry of Culture and Education. Many Brazilians began to learn to read and read this autobiographical book.

8. Maradona. Maradona ...

Author: Vybornov Yu. V., Goranskiy I. V.

Description: The book is dedicated to one of the masters velichayshik BAt ball of all time - Diego Maradona. It covers all aspects of his life - ups and downs, victories and defeats. Character traits of the player appear in personal conversations with the authors of the book.

Maradona, unpredictable and scandalous, mysterious and controversial, but no doubt an outstanding footballer, champion and vice-champion of the world, the best player of the 1986 World Cup, the champion of Argentina and Italy, the author of the most scandalous ball in the history of the ball in the quarter- Mexico, who gave him a second name - "The Hand of God."

9. Life as a match

Author: Michel Platini

Description: Mishel Fransua Platini (born Michel Francois Platini.). Born June 21, 1955, Zof, Lorraine. French footballer and coach, UEFA president, one of the most elegant midfielders of his generation. Unsurpassed master of execution of penal impacts. Platini began playing in the French club "Nancy" (1973-1979). In the "Saint-Etienne" (1979-1982) he won the French championship in 1981. In 1982 he moved to the Italian "Juventus" (1982-1987), where he scored 68 goals in 147 games of the league and became 3 times in a row the best scorer. Platini was captain of the French national team at the European Championships in 1984, becoming the champion and top scorer of the tournament with 9 goals. January 26, 2007 was elected President of UEFA. In the book, Michel Platini - talks about her sports way, reflects on the player's profession, looks inside the events of the football past. Literary recording of Patrick Mahe. Translated by L.D. Kanevsky.

10. Novels about the goalkeeper. Famous footballers about the Lion of world football L.Yashin

Author: LB Goryanov

Description: A. Chernyshov, A. Khomich, Pele, Charlton, Muller, Bene ...

Here are just a few names of those whose letters were used by journalist L. Goryanov in this book. Stories of famous football players, famous coaches, formidable forwards are dedicated to one person - the famous Soviet goalkeeper L. Yashin.

From these stories the reader learns a lot of new and interesting information about him, about his outstanding sporting skills.

Berlin, July 9, 2006. Soccer World Cup. Final match: Italy - France. The added time is coming to an end. And suddenly - an unexpected blow to the head captain of the French, but not the ball ... From that moment, the football world was divided into two camps, supporting and condemning Zidane. But all, without exception, be interesting to know what Materazzi said to Zidane? Maybe he "walked" on his nationality? And maybe - on the bald head? Or maybe he had offended someone from comrades Zizou? Look for the answer in this book!

12. Morgan Geynor. "The real David Beckham."

There are many different David Beckham. One of them is a national hero, perhaps the best football player of all that England has seen in the past three decades. And still there is a symbol of our time, a man who concentrates in himself a modern passion for fame, but achieves his celebrity thanks to an amazing talent; A role model for young and old; Man - the trendsetter trendsetter.

13. Jethro Southar. Ronaldinho.

The fate of Ronaldinho - a classic example of a fairy tale about a boy from a poor family, who miraculously got rich. But this story is real, and the miracle is the unique talent of a dark-skinned Brazilian football player.

The author of this book, Jethro Soutar, recounts the difficult childhood Ronaldinho. As a child, he survived the premature death of his father, who, by the way, believed that his youngest son would become the best football player in the world. This prediction came true.

14. Dzhanluidzhi Buffon. "Number 1".

Autobiographical work of the great Italian goalkeeper came out in 2008. The book was written with the help of a friend Buffon - Roberto Perrone, who is one of the leading football journalists in Italy."Number 1" is not just another retelling of the goalkeeper's career, it's his personal memoirs, revelations and experiences.

15. Luca Cayoli. "Messi: An Exclusive Biography."

Sports journalist Luca Kayole wrote a frank biography of Argentine striker Lionel Messi. Striving to understand how an ordinary boy, moreover burdened with a physical defect, becomes a world legend, the author collects information wherever possible. He listens to trust the stories of loved ones Messi, his coaches, doctors, former players, sports journalists and television commentators and learn many interesting details from the life of the boy who lets nothing stop for the sake of their dreams, and eventually became one of the greatest players in the world.

16. Luke Kayole. "Cristiano Ronaldo, Obsessed with Perfection."

"If you love football, then you will no doubt like to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play."

This is a book about one of the most famous football players in the world, a multiple holder of the title "Best Player", the best scorer in the history of the Portuguese national team and the most expensive football player in the history of football.

How could a simple boy from the poorest district of Funchal reach such heights? Before you is a story of success, struggle and well-deserved victories.

Each chapter reveals Cristiano Ronaldo in a new way, it's a book about a man who always tries to achieve his aim: in sports and in everyday life.

17. Zlatan Ibrahimovic. "I am Zlatan".

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Football superstar scorer. Fantastic player and very uneasy person. During his career, he changed a lot of clubs, among which there were such grandees of European football as Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, ​​Milan. In this book, the famous player talks about his difficult path to success, about bright victories and bitter defeats, great joys and sorrows.

Author Akhan Tuleshov - Literary Portal

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