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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly

29.03.2017 1918


Asia -

I saw a dream about how fiercely two women fought. I did not know them. The first was so pale that any blow of the opponent left a bright red mark on her skin. Her hair was short and light. She growled like she-wolf, and even wolfishly clenched her teeth.

The skin of second woman was swarthy and the eyes narrow. She seemed to me like a tigress. She was in absolute, indescribable rage. Though the first woman seemed stronger, this one was clearly more dexterous. They fought for me.

- Wait! I screamed. - I'll decide everything by myself! Why you do not listen my opinion about my fate?

And then both of them rushed at me. I was ready to fight off from them, although I did not know how... And I woke up.

The cell phone rang. It was just an early evening, and I was already dozing off. I groped for the phone on the floor near the bed.

- Asia! Where are you stuck there?

It’s Saule, familiar from the University. I promised to meet with her ... According to her angry voice, about fifteen minutes ago.

- I'm almost on my way out. Give me five minutes…

- I'm at the entrance. Four minutes, I will not wait any longer.

Straining the long dress, slightly crumpled during sleep (and fighting with unknown tigress and she-wolf), and putting on a light jacket, I went out for a record three and a half minute. Saule was not angry anymore - she was not up to it, she was chatting with some low-lying boy leaning on a black foreign car that was standing right there. Expensive “ride”, judging by the delight of my classmate and the golden bull on the hood of that car.

– Here, meet! Saule cheerfully exclaimed, pointing a finger at me. –Her name is Asia!

- A cool name, - the man chuckled. – My name is Kairat. Get in the car, girls, I'll take you to the cinema.

I angrily turned to my classmate, ignoring him.

- And why did you tell him where we're going? - I did not think that we should trust some Kairat. Something I did not like about this situation. - We actually gathered on foot...

- But I'm on heels! Saule put forward her right foot in a neat slipper. - And then, Kairat is a friend of Zamanbek, remember, he somehow visited us at the university...

I did not remember. But Zamanbek, a ladies' man from a parallel group, tried to take care of me rather obsessively, but he and his friends did not interest me at all. However, Saule insisted.

- We'll be late anyway. Someone has overslept, - she added sarcastically. Perhaps my conscience made me still agree with her.

I climbed into the car first. Saule hesitated, obviously continuing to build eyes to the rich new friend.

And then the door slammed and the motor started immediately.

- What ...

In the driver's seat - and how I did not immediately notice it? - Zamanbek was sitting.

- Let's go, beauty, - he grinned and pressed on the gas.

For a few seconds I was speechless with shock. The car quickly picked up speed.

- Stop, stop it!" Where are we going?

- To Home. My home.

- What, you bastard decided to steal me?"

- Do not swear. My bride should not be so expressive, - he insolently informed.

I clenched my fists so that my nails dug into my skin. For some reason, I was not even angry with him, but with Saul, who had betrayed me so. Bastard.

- Bastard! I repeated aloud.

- My mother will meet you in the doorway with a handkerchief, you'll curse at her - she'll wash your mouth with soap, will you understand?

We drove very fast - obviously faster than the sixty kilometers per hour put in the city. As luck would have it, we hit a green wave. I was driving farther from home. Why did not I guess to go out immediately, just saw him? Why do I think so slowly?

- Shawl, then put on? I said angrily. Zamanbek almost lost speed before the turn.

- All by the rules, beautiful. So behave yourself. We have a kamcha in the hallway - do not you want to meet her? Girls do not like pain, do they? And I'm a masochist, - the rage overwhelmed me. For some reason, that female tigress from a dream remembered. If only I was her - determined, strongly ...

- Oh, then I'm happy ... - I just felt how Zamanbek smiled, but did not let him finish.

- But I'm not that masochistic to live with you.

Opening the door and pushing it hard, so that I did not have time to slam, I jumped out of the car - and tried to group myself before I hit the ground. It began to hurt, and everything flashed before my eyes, but my inner tigress roared joyfully. I was not afraid at all.

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