Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly

02.03.2017 1784


Friend -

- Can you imagine, eating ice creams every day?!

- Strawberry ice-cream?

- Chocolate one! Pistachio one! Strawberry ice-cream too. No wait, well, can you imagine that? It's god damn awesome!

- Well, yes, it’s not bad. And what else can be available?

-Heh, you asking a good question. Do you like dresses? And the bows, the huge bows, the pink ones, do you like it? I saw it on your matinee.

-Arman, do not smoke. What if somebody will see us and punish us. Armash, maybe we should not?

- I say, do you like bows?

-I love bows, Armash. Armash, throw out a cigarette, I'll start coughing. Saltanat Ibragimqizi left us without dinner, remember?! Armash, Arman!

- Why you, acting like a little girl? Let me finish it, the last cigarette.

-Fool, I'm a girl.

-Well, come on, imagine, every day new things!- Molka, tell me, did you ever have new things here? And there - a holiday: new shorts, and shoes, and skirts. And all to you, no other children, you are the only mistress of all this. You tortured Sharik already, and there they will buy you a dog, your own. You'll go out with it, teach whatever any commands to it. Ow! Still, you can watch cartoons when you want, and ... Molya, why are you crying?

-Arman, you will not be there.

-Stop it, silly, I'll definitely come to visit you, you'll see. But at least you will have a mom and dad.

-And you, you will not be there, - the girl did not stop saying, looking at her friend with her eyes full of tears.

- Silly, I dreamed about parents for many years. Has already grown, and there is no chance that I will be adopted. And I love you, and I will certainly take you with me when you’ll grow up. We'll talk on the phone every day, I'll go to Saltanat Ibragimqizi's office to run and call you. I promise.

-Arman ... you just watch Sharik, okay? - Already crying sobbing, said the girl.

- Hay, well, what are you doing? Come here, I'll give you a hug. Oh, you fool! You cannot even imagine how much others dream of telling someone "mom" and "dad". You can not even imagine…

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