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"Heritage of centuries"...

02.06.2016 1729

"Heritage of centuries"

"Heritage of centuries" -
In the area of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan held an exhibitions of Akmola Region museums called "Heritage of centuries". 


The exhibition runs until 20 July - told us in the information and image service of the National Museum of Kazakhstan.


The exhibition is part of the museum project "Kazakhstan through the history of the centuries" and under the auspices of the "25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan."


Recall, the opening ceremony was attended by the deputy of Senate of Kazakhstan Ergaliev Zh.E., Majilis deputy Kosarev V.B., employees of akimat of Akmola region, honored workers of culture and art, as well as a cultural program was presented by the artists and creative teams of Akmola region.


Speaking two weeks ago at the opening ceremony, the director of the National Museum Darkhan Mynbay noted that holding such exhibitions in Astana visiting of regional museums - a good initiative. "The project "Kazakhstan through the history of the centuries" has been going on for a year. This project is really justified. The regional museums has  so priceless heritage and valuable exhibits. Bringing it all to Astana and showing to people of Astana  and guests of the city - it's really a good thing. There are unique exhibits, which we can proudly show to the world ", - said D.Mynbay.

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The exhibition introduces with the centuries-old heritage of the region and the modern trends of artistic ideas of society. The exhibition was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Department of Culture of Akmola region.

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Especially for the opening of the exhibition  was invited the guest which is deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ergaliev Zh.E., who said: "Our history from ancient times left unattended. Some valuable exhibits are now in museums in other countries. Now, thanks to the attainment of independence, we provide a single system to collect the historical heritage of the nation. Any area of Kazakhstan for us is sacred. Therefore, we must learn to know, to promote their history and culture. "


The exhibition included archaeological artifacts from the collections of Stepnogorsk  local history museums and Akmola regional museums , collected during expeditions that took place in the region.


       The exposition occupy a special place materials about the outstanding statesman, military leader, diplomat Ablai Khan and his associates, a fragment of a Persian carpet of Sakkulak bey, grandson of Kanzhygaly -  Bogenbai Batyr: in 1840 the carpet was presented to Sakkulak bey by governor of Omsk and in 1991 during the opening of Yereimentau History museum Alikhan Barlybaev gave it to the museum. Unique museum items from the collections of the Museum of Literature and Art Kokshetau "quty" - a special container for beverages, owned to Bogenbai Batyr, a wooden bowl with a handle - "saptyayaq" of Kanai bey.


Akmola land became a source of inspiration for many prominent poets and composers, the creative heritage which narrate numerous exhibits. In the "Ethnic Culture and life of Kazakh people" are the best examples of the ethnographic collection of Regional Museum of Musical Instruments, rare books, utensils made of wood and leather, the national dress con. XIX - beg. XX centuries., Jewelry of silver, personal belongings beloved famous aqyn improviser Akan serі Aqtoqty (mirror, ring, etc.).


The particular interest to visitors cause - personal belongings and documents of prominent natives of Akmola region: writer and public figure Ilyas Esenberlin and Hero of the Soviet Union Malik Gabdullin - mentioned employee of the museum. The formation of a new sovereign state, the events of recent years, the prospects for development of the region are presented in the "modern" section. Personally, I presented a new and thrilling experience of the work of the artist-ceramist, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Y.G. Popov - Said another employee of the museum.






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Photographs by National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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