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Is it good where we are not?...

03.04.2017 1986

Is it good where we are not?

Is it good where we are not? -

Dmitry Shishkin said that People are like cockroaches. He thinks that they are able to adapt everywhere and can adjust anywhere. He even has thoughts that people are even worse than cockroaches We can not only adapt ourselves, but also we can adapt initially adjust that environment which is not satisfied to us. Therefore, the watchword "It's good where we are not"– It's not just like cockroaches, the call to learn a new territory, but also call, I'm sorry, to make a new territory get dirty. Which means adapt that situation under us. How do we live? Dirty, everyone talking rude to each other and giving-taking bribes. And do you know what our person is doing, when he for the first time came into a clean country where there is practically no corruption? Out of habit, he throws rubbish on the sidewalk, and when they (police) trying to fine him, he habitually, again, offers a bribe. And then for a long time he is indignant that they have "dug up" and they did not take an offered bribes and that it’s good now in another place where he is not. In a place where he is not been yet. It's very sad to realize that. But in a place where we are not, it's good because other people did for themselves what they think is good. They do not like everything there either. But this is another, even sadder story. And, maybe not - maybe this is a story about the eternal striving of man for the ideal. In any case, this does not apply to the climate. There are many places on the Earth where it is good - the soul always requires access to the sea.

Alexander Levin Well I was asked for Schrödinger: "Do you think it's good where you do not exist or is it still good where you are?". I thought many times and realized that I have no answer to this question. Well, of course, first of all, I want to delay the intellectual ballad about the "train on fire": social inequality, corruption, cultural degradation, nepotism, showing offs, education and medicine at the bottom, anti-utopia, not a good life. To say that it is natural, you still ask, they say, of course, where I am - bad! Hook, loop, bag on the head. Zugzwang. Cave hierarchy, sexism, misogyny, global warming, anything. So I want to say. And immediately exhale, making a dreamy (and slightly dull) face: not what is there. There's something better. Not that much sadder as here. But, to be honest: some good - it is always by Schrödinger. Both good and bad, depending on the point of view. The problems of inequality in our country, unlike "not with us," are simply exposed to the limit. Hyperbolized, if I may say so. There is something that exists everywhere, and it will cover you, if you care about it, wherever you turn out to be. "Good" is generally a category that is difficult to analyze. That pig's death is good for ... well, you get it. And individual "good" you can make yourself anywhere from sh*t ... from any improvised materials. Would I be somewhere not where I am now? Perhaps, yes. Is it definitely good where I do not exist? No, sir. Empirical experience will show that where we are not - again is good.

Maxim Lagno said under the expression "where we are not " would first of all mean not just places where we are not yet, but in general those locations where we can never be. Because these places are, most likely, beyond reality and reachable only through fantasy. The question itself or the statement, whether is it good there - disappears. As you imagine, in this way it’s going to be happen. Perhaps this is what I do in my creativity work. I come up with good places, where I do not exist, but I would like to. Or bad worlds, of which you are happy to think: "It's good that I'm not there!". On the other hand: checking if it's good where we are not, reminds us of a stupid jealous who always suspects that he is lying and deceived. Such people are rushing from point to point, pursuing their own delusions, and never find the peace. They always think that's where I am not, for sure, something good. I must urgently go, check, and ruin everything for everyone.

So dear readers of Literary Portal what do you think is it good where we are not?

Author Akhan Tuleshov – Literary Portal

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