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Is it too late done? Or better late than never?...

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Is it too late done? Or better late than never?

Is it too late done? Or better late than never? -

"Potius sero quam nunquam"

Titus Livius

A monument to the leaders of Alash Horde and Turkistan Republics has been erected this year dedicated to 100th since the returning sovereignty and independence of Kazak States as the modern democratic country.

Semei's place in the spiritual life of the Kazakh people is unique. There is no trace of the Kazakh veteran from Abai in this city, which is widely spread on both sides of the Irtysh! Alikhan Nurmukhamedovich Bokeikhanov was one of those trainees. The Alash party and Alashorda government, which was the result of intelligence and activity of the Kazakh intelligentsia in the early XX century, are often associated with this city of Semey. Alikhan Bokeikhanov, Mukhtar Auezov, Mirzhakyp Dulatov and others, who had been called Alashqala, became the capital of Alashorda. The prominent figures of the nation have been working for the future of the nation.

The evidence of the fact that the people of Alashorda, Alikhan Bokeikhanov, was a true leader of his people at the time of his life, is widely witnessed today. Alikhan Bokeikhanov is inevitably deserving of this honor, with his own personality and knowledge.


Asalauwmağaleykuwm, danışpanım, (Asalaimagaleykum, my genius person,)

Qamın jep musılmannıñ alısqanım! (You're the man who fought for rights of Muslim persons!)

Köp aydıñ körmegeli jüzi boldı, (For many months you had an enchanted face,)

Jürmisiñ esen-aman, arıslanım?! (Are you all right, my lion?!)

Zamanda basqan ayaq keyin ketken, (The leg that stepped in the past become truth-chase,)

Jasımay Alaşına qızmet etken; (You did not give up serving the Alashorda until the die in;)

Bolsa da qalıñ tuman, qarañğı tün, (Even though when there were thick fog and the dark night,)

Tuwatın baq julduzına közi jetken; (You were the one who saw the future of the birth of the star;)

Tüymege jarqıldağan aldanbağan, (You weren't fooled by evil jackals. You fought them as knight!)

Basqaday bir bası üşin jaldanbağan,(You were not wounded for your own head as did other bastards)

«Qaytkende Alaş körkeyer» - degen oydan, ( by the thought "Once upon a time Alash will grow")
Basqa oydı ömirinde maldanbağan! (The one who thought about nothing else but Kazak's "Jericho"!)


- Even though the patriotism of the nation's intelligentsia, despite its civil duty as a leader, has been devoted to the path of Alash to the path of education, as Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov sings, "despite the inheritance of the khan tribe to the Kazakh people, Alikhan Bokeikhanov, who pointed out the project, was one of the most successful leaders in Semipalatinsk, which is being built for the eternal upbringing of the later generations. In Alashkala, a monument to Alash Bokeikhanov, the leader of Alash, was built. Let Alash go up to his elder sons and daughters!

On March 28, in Kyzylorda, a solemn opening ceremony of the monument to Alash and the Turkic world Mustafa Shokay was held. At first author and writer Rakhimzhan Otarbayev's play "Mustafa Shokai" was shown. Then the Governor of Kyzylorda region Krymbek Kusherbayev congratulated the residents of the region with the opening of the monument.

Mustafa Shokay - is a person who can not be characterized as unambiguously characteristic, like any major historical phenomenon. He tried to defend the interests of the Kazak and the Turkic world, the nationality, at the epicenter of the most complicated global historical process of that time. Therefore, Mustafa Chokai is not primitive to white (As a White Army, also called White Guard are the troops of the Russian White Movement who fought against the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War during 1918-1922 years whose principal counterparties were. The white cell of the White Army was the volunteer army) and red (The Red Guards were the armed work-making of the Russian Bolsheviks to prepare and carry out the October Revolution from October 25th to 7th November 1917. In the first half of 1918, Red Guards entered the newly founded Red Army) or brown ("Brown revolution in Germany"), or to the contrary.

He devoted his whole life to the prosperity of the entire Kazak people of all Turkic peoples. The monument is a bronze piece by the member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, the sculptor Kusher Baigaziyev. The total height of the monument, including the granite stand, is 12 meters.

* * *
Julqısqanmen julqısqan, (With those who fought - he fought,)

Qırqısqanmen qırqısqan. (With those who made the boycott - he made counterboycott.)

Atqa minse erleri, Qara bulttay tutasıp (Horseback men, Black cloud condensed)

qayıstırıp jer betin şığatuğın är tustan.(the ground surface coming from every point.)

Bölşektelmegen bayağı, ( The old time and not disassembled,)

Şerli de, muñlı Türkistan. (Sorrowful, and sticken with grief Turkistan.)

Türkistanda memleket quram dep, (He was the one who wanted to build the sovereign country of Turkistan,)

Dar aldında kirpik qaqpay turam dep. (Staying in front of gallows-tree he never batted an eyelid.)

Mustafa Şoqay er şıqtı, (Once there comes a man called Mustafa Shokay,)

Qarw alıp köşege käpirlerge bağınbağan el şıqtı. (Once there come armed people to the streets who didn't want to colony.)

Türkistannıñ tutastığın añsağan, ( He is the one who dreamed about the cooperation of Turkistan,)

Janın qïdı osı jolda qanşa adam. (On the road to that, there were so many people who gave their lives.)

Bew, jas urpaq, ne aytayın men sağan. (Wow, the young generation, what should I say to you.)

Adal uldar elge qaray burılğan, (The honest sons turned in the direction of the country,)

Qoqan menen Orınborda qurılğan. (From Kokand city till Orenburg city.)

Türkistan men Alaşorda atına, Şığısımnan, Sırımnan, (In the name of Turkistan and Alash Horde, The East Turkistan, Syr Dariya, )

Xat kep jattı oydağı el men Qırımnan, (There were letters from that places and of course from Crimea,)

Sol bir qayran erlerdiñ, Rwxı añqıp tursa boldı jırımnan. (Those one's humble men, I'll be satisfied if their spirit will be gaped in my poem)

* * *

We present the not full version of the poem "Sherli Turkestan" by the great Kazakh poet, public figure Kasymkhan Begmanov, dedicated to the fate of our ancestor Mustafa Chokai, who dreamed of creating the great Turkic people, the great Turkic nation.

Kasymkhan Begmanov is a citizen poet. In the poetry of the Kazakh poetry, there are only a few poets who have been awarded the title "citizen poet". For example, Mirzhakyp Dulatov, "Awake, Kazak!", Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov, "I will be a sunshine in the dark Kazakh steppes ...". This is Kasymkhan Begmanov who is considered to be a poet of the modern Kazakhstan poetry.

So the topic was: "Is it too late done? Or better late than never?". From my point of view, I can say that I agree with Titus Livius's "Potius sero quam nunquam" which means better late than never.

by Akhan Tuleshov - Literary Portal

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