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"It all starts with family" with Tansyk Mazhitova...

12.10.2016 1707

"It all starts with family" with Tansyk Mazhitova

"It all starts with family" with Tansyk Mazhitova -
"Literary portal" continues its project "it all starts with the family". Hero release became Tansyk Majitova-painter, decorative arts, Member of Union of artists of the REPUBLIC of KAZAKHSTAN. 


 - Tell about the city in which you were born, about your parents. 

 -I was born in the town of Arkalyk, in the family of teachers: my mom and dad-philologist, physicist. Mom taught Russian language and literature, and my dad worked all his life by the Director of the regional station of young technicians. His work was all about: they did there model airplanes, and karting he was there, and I was a child he was at work, helped him. At home we had a lot of art books-they bought dad; Naturally, we have a lot of classics-Russian, Kazakh, world, and these books commonly purchased mom. Us five children in the family, but for some reason I am out to all children loved books on art history. I usually hiding somewhere-we had wide windowsills, and I sat down on a window sill, closes shutter, and watched, and literally okunalas′ in these books. We had a book "Dresden gallery, and it was for me a sort of fairy-tale-I with such adoration, as if spellbound staring at these reproductions, and it. Apparently, too, somehow affected. But I always drew, even kindergarten, probably. 

 Dad is a wonderful storyteller, he stunningly tells a tale. In General, the hardest part is telling tales, especially the kids. After all, you're not just a familiar tale to you pereskazyvaeš′ and colorful, instructive history, and that the child you listened, you so telling, so to speak-fully seize his attention. And Papineau skill undoubtedly influenced my imagination. We usually at bedtime resorted to the Pope, went with him, and he told us some fairy tale, and then went to sleep. So, we are five girls in the family, and four "normal", as mom says, profession: older sister-medic, next-Economist, historian, incidentally, now writes his doctoral dissertation, and I one-artist. The family at first it does not like to accept, especially mom, and even now it is somehow not as accepted as I would like, probably. 

 - When did you start drawing? 

 -As a kid I had a pathological need to draw. Now, let's say I have this no-basically, once again no pencil, no brush in hand will not take. And as a kid I izrisovyvala and ispisyvala all there is to it. Then everything is gone, and now there is no such a need all your senses to invest in something, everything is nakipaet inside. But then, sooner or later, there comes a point where just need to shift it all on paper on canvas. Now more like paint, feel the need for serious painting. 

 - What was your home library? 

 -Our home library consisted of classics-volume before because books take volumes and we have, I remember there were volumes of "SEQUEL", then Tom Gogol, Pushkin, Tolstoy. I have already said, we had a lot of art books, and books always took a very colorful, expensive and rare. And you know, now completely different books. Then even the cover was different. Now books are colorful, even more than then. But they are no longer such weighty. In General, I have, of course, formed the habit-books always before my eyes. And the Pope, of course, there were a lot of books on Physics and mathematics. I remember one time Mama even wanted to throw away these books, and dad said that such books are nowhere else to get it. And the Internet is not what is in them. By the way, my daughter now uses these books. And so we had at home: one wing-physics and mathematics, and the other art classic literature. 

 - And your children read? 

 I have a daughter-man reading, because I was always told that you need to read a lot. The visual perception of the world-tv, Internet, the world is one thing, but reading is quite another. And now she reads. But I previously evoked the need to read. And then, when she was little, I had a lot of her read herself out loud, and she knew it all by heart. Here I am progovarivala the first line, and further it is already podhvatyvala. And it is now very easy to memorize any volume very quickly all the catches, and it is easy. So all that we did together with her, now she helps in learning. All of it comes easy, and learning it with joy. Of course, we read a lot, but then we took the book in libraries, and she that could not buy, finds on the Internet and there reads. And, I remember, we have always tried to be friends with librarians. And I remember my friends and relatives books rewrote-here take and rewrote the book. And then boasted who what rare book read, and you with such envy on him look that could get it. And if you're green with librarians-you it will defer quietly to you too then read.

 - What books did you read when you were a child?

 -As a kid, of course, I tried to read the world classics, and as much as possible. George sand, Stendhal, Alexander Dumas-well, with him you wont start. Then, when I was older, loved Theodore Dreiser-his trilogy, "American tragedy", "Sister Carrie". And me is so overwhelmed that I couldn't understand sometimes I read or I watched the movie? 

 - And what can you say about the relation of literature and painting?

 -Literature is when you read, you know inside yourself, it's like a movie. You develop your imagination. I can compare with drawing-I've painted in childhood, it is always represented in every detail of their heroes. I showed them in a variety of situations. Now I have no such need-there was a period when I wrote portraits. Because I'm so develop their imagination in childhood, some experience in the portraits I had when I started to work. When I come to the man whose portrait I'm writing, I realize that I am already in principle and do not need to know it. And there is not even the imagination plays a role, but something else when a person poses to me-some chemistry, I guess. He sits, and I ask him to talk about anything, because when a person says he relaxes. He is not posing, and becomes what it is. And that's when you enter in this wave, and you just miss it, this wave, these sensations, and pass them through color, via the palette. And after these sessions you're always exhausted. Quite differently, if you write a picture just by using their imagination, and there is no, there is something else. Although sometimes want to write and story pictures, and there's already a need game inside of your imagination, but you want to come back.

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