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Kazakh poems in German...

23.05.2014 1801

Kazakh poems in German

Kazakh poems in German -

Poems by Olzhas Suleymenov and Mukagali Makatayev in German will be performed on poetry readings on May 23, 2014 in Berlin.


Berlin, May 23. A Kazakh-German book project Kasachische Bibliothek and one of the initiators of the project Mario Pschera organize poetry readings of Kazakh literature in Berlin. The book project Kasachische Bibliothek started in 2005 in cooperation with the Kazakh Embassy in Germany.

Within the project four books were translated, and a new one is still in production. Such writers as Abdizhamil Nurpeissov, Rollan Seisenbayev, Mukhtar AuezovHerold BelgerIlyas Yesenberlin having been translated to German.

Mario Pschera has a big ambition to bring contemporary Kazakh authors to a European audience (including modern classics like Suleymenov and Makatayev) with contemporary issues in order to feed discussions about relevant themes of our world.

Poems by Olzhas Suleymenov and Mukagali Makatayev with Kazakh Songs and SoundBits by "Tschiltan" will be performed in the program of the readings combined with live music.

Berlin: May 23, 2014 at 19:00 (by local time) 

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