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Literature modernization in Kazakhstan...

11.09.2014 1502

Literature modernization in Kazakhstan

Literature modernization in Kazakhstan -

National council on literature and art will be created in Kazakhstan, reported the vice-minister of culture and sports of Kazakhstan Askar Buribayev at a briefing in the Central Communications Service.


“The assignment on development of the long-term conception of cultural policy was given. During the preparation we tried to consider all opinions and recommendations. We plan to create National council on literature and art, and also arts councils on branches for the purpose of further transformation of the branch. They will provide coordination”, - Askar Buribayev reported.

He added that the conception is going to be realized for the first time. For these purposes the scientific, creative unions, civil societies were involved.

“The development of creative and cultural and tourist clusters is also provided in the conception. The first cluster is directed on formation of the creative environment. The cultural and tourist cluster is considered as a part of the general strategy of formation of the cultural environment of the regions, directed on the support of creative activity. The conception is guided by practical result for promotion of Kazakh culture in the international level. A number of actions for development of separate branches is provided”, - the vice-minister concluded.

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