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Nesipbek Dawtaiuli: Rigmarole around the “ism” inc...

26.11.2016 2232

Nesipbek Dawtaiuli: Rigmarole around the “ism” increases

Nesipbek Dawtaiuli: Rigmarole around the “ism” increases  -



- What was the role of “Writers Union” for Qazaq Literature  during the quarter period of Returning Independence?


We saved the union’s building, magazines such “Zuldyz” (The Star) , “Prostor” (The Vastness),  newspaper such as “Qazaq adebieti” and etc..


Who is more worthy for being the next chairman of “Writers Union”?


The person that will be honest no matter he is having a high-leveled social status or lower-leveled, that person who has the right sense of choice! The other thing isn’t interesting for me...


In last twenty five years which genres of Qazaq literature become weak and which is now already strong genre? Can we call the names of those who made big changes into our literature during this quarter period?


Poetry is shining like a glim and prose become raw.

 Tolen Abdikov, TinimbayNurmaganbetov, Raqimjan Otarbayev, Marxabat Baigut, Jysipbek Qorgasbek, Nurgali Oraz...



What is absent in our nowadays literature?


Imaginative conception of literature. Absence of fret and harmony between imagination and logic. Rigmarole around the “ism” increases. Malady of literature form. The lack of details. The inability and failure to achieve an imaginative truth. Penetration of spinelessness. 



Interviewed by Baglan Orazaly


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