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Reminiscence of Ashirbek Sygay...

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Reminiscence of Ashirbek Sygay

Reminiscence  of Ashirbek Sygay -


February 16, 2017 passed the evening in honor of the famous Soviet and Kazakh writer, critic and translator; theater critic, laureate of the State Prize and independent award "Platinum Tarlan" statesman of Kazakhstan; Honored Artist of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (1989), laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2000) Ashirbek Torebayuly Sygay. News and announcements about the passage of events will be written by many of the media. So we decided to share memories of relatives and people close to him.

But first here are some facts from biography of the Ashirbek Sygay:

  • Ashirbek Torebayuly Sygai was born on January 1, 1947 in Kentau city, South Kazakhstan region.
  • In 1969 he graduated from the theatrical faculty of the Kazakh Institute of Arts named after Kurmangazy specialty "actor-specialist in drama", and then taught there.
  • Since 1974 - at the state and party work: Head of theaters, management of the Arts of the Ministry of Culture Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.
  • In 1979 he graduated from the graduate school of GITIS.
  • Since 1979 - instructor of the Department of Culture of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan,
  • 1983 - Deputy Minister of Culture Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.
  • In 1989-1991. - Rector of the Alma-Ata Theatre and Art Institute.
  • In 1991-1994. - First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Since 1994 - Professor of the Faculty of Arts Kazakh National Academy of Arts.
  • In 2003-2006. - Representative of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport in Almaty.
  • Since 2011 - Professor of Art History, head of the studio of theater of the Kazakh National University of Arts.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Honored Art Worker of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (1989)
  • Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2000)

  • Honorary Citizen of Kentau, Turkestan and South Kazakhstan region
  • Order "Qwurmet" (2004)
  • Award "Platinum Tarlan"
  • "Club of patrons of Kazakhstan" in the category "Theater" (2005).

A family:

Wife - Kulyash Dulatbekkyzy Sygay.

Children: Torebay Kanat (1971), Sungat (1974), Nurzat (1985)

grandchildren: Dilda (1995 ), Bakhtiyar (2005), Bektiyar (p. 2007), Inkar (2009 ).

He translated into Kazakh the works of Moliere, Goldoni, Shaikevich. He was the author and presenter of the program "Zhansaray" on TV channel "Khabar".

In 2014, documentary film "Sin sardari" about Ashirbek Sygay (directed by Qalila Nemauli Omarov/ Production: "Kazakhfilm" studio named after Shaken Aimanov.




Sygai authored several (more than 20) books published, in which conducted analysis of relevant aspects of the Kazakh national theaters (Russian, Uygur, Korean, German, etc.), as well as domestic drama, including:

  1. "Inkar shaq" (1978)

  2. "Sir sandiq" (1981)
  3. "Sakhnaga sapar" (1990)
  4. "Jarnama aldindagi oy" (1993)
  5. "Sakhna sanlakqtari" (1998)
  6. "Teatr taġilimi" (2003)
  7. "Tolġam" (2004),
  8. "Taldyqorġan teatri"(2005)
  9. “Teatr poeziyasin pir twutqan”(2006)
  10. “Sakhna alemi”(2007)
  11. “Akter alemi” (2008)
  12. “Oy torinde — teatr” (2008)
  13. “Teatr sardari”
  14. “Rayimbek Seytmet”
  15. “Sabira Mayqanova”
  16. “An — taġdir”
  17. “Tanġajayip teatr”

Ashirbek Sygay translated works of such writers:

  • Valentin Yezhov – “Nightingale Night”
  • Otiya Ioseliani - “While Arba(Cart) has not turned over”
  • Jean-Baptiste Molière(Poquelin) – “Le Mariage force”(
  • S. Roque - "Restless Granny"
  • Carlo Goldoni –“Comic story”

Author of the scenario cycle of documentary films about the life and work of the prominent figures of the Kazakh literature and art (I. Nogaybaev, Zhunusov S., K. Kenzhetaev, Maykanova S., K. Karmysov etc.).

He translated into Kazakh the works of Moliere, Goldoni, Shaikevich. He was the author and presenter of the program "Zhansaray" on TV channel "Khabar".

In 2014, documentary film "Sin sardari" about Ashirbek Sygay (directed by Qalila Nemauli Omarov/ Production: "Kazakhfilm" studio named after Shaken Aimanov.


Sygay Kulyash Dulatbekovna - wife of Ashirbek Sygay

He was very hard working, was writing a lot of time, but never chose the place. He could sit and write, even when his grandchildren played nearby. He was a good father, husband. He loved his children so much, even the actor Esmukhan Obaev himself amazed by his love for the children and said: "We also have kids, we love them too, but the way of loving children like you, it is - it is impossible". He had a pure heart, if someone asked for help; he did not regret his forces and helped everyone. Now when he was gone, everything returns, people will remember him. In light of his more than 20 books published. While writing the first book, he had difficulties. I said before, that helped him with a set of text at the beginning on the machine, then on the computer. I gained more than 20 books and 1,000 articles, sometimes even made adjustments in his records. Then he said: "Ainalaiyn, you do not dare to make adjustments" (laughs). So we happily lived together for 45 years, all these years have passed as one minute.

Serik Taukebayev, a businessman, a person close Ashirbek Sygay

There are people, like a lighthouse, which point to all the way on which you look and want to become the same as he. One of these personalities for me was Ashirbek Sygay. He had a pure soul, and he was able to say all right, it is. He spoke clearly, explaining all the senses, so there were few people who could oppose him. He had a very rich vocabulary. But he left us. He had a great reputation not only among colleagues in the theater and the university, but also among the relatives, he was a highly respected man. Ashirbek aga and Kulyash jenge was the perfect couple. The name of any person, even the children, relatives and even acquaintances he called with the suffix "-Jan". It is unique; his gaze is always before my eyes. We will always remember him, will never forget.

Kenes Duysekeev, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, composer, friend, neighbor Ashirbek Sygay

As they say among Kazakhs "Without owner and house an orphan", but we must not forget about them, about the great people of the Kazakh people. My friend Ashirbek is gone. With his passing Kazakh theater has orphaned. Such criticism of the person to be a deep understanding of the theater would not be in the near future. Very difficult situation. He was preparing his disciples, but that his disciples went up to his level takes a long time. In Astana we traveled in the same train, in the same carriage. Then Ashirbek bought a house in front of my house. That's how we became neighbors. Always shared with each other the news and deep thoughts, gave advice to each other. He always took care of me. But I never thought that we so soon will lose him. May God will rest in peace his soul!

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Indeed, there are people whom by no one to replace. Ashirbek Sygay left his mark in the drama of our people in theater criticism. He was the first person who did not miss a single talented actor, a single premiere in theaters. Where was the theater, so there was Ashirbek Sygay. In conclusion, I would like to say that Ashirbek Sygay - the man who laid the foundation of contemporary theater critics! – Literary Portal

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