Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Seller of astrolabes...

12.02.2017 1853

Seller of astrolabes

Seller of astrolabes -

I already wrote about poetry of Alex in the preface to his book, here I will say the same thing, but briefly. Alexey Schwabauer - a rare case when the poet glimpsed in his youth and was silent for a decade back. He came and found his breath.

From photographic optics, given in the first book, he goes to the texts, built on dialogue and semi-fantastic narratives. And every time I create a new.

"Heavenly rhinos" together in almost all the lyrical incarnation of Aleх Schwabauer. And the reader will have them all over to try. Pass all the metamorphosis from the seller of astrolabes to the farmazonschik2 from Vologda together with the author and become the new with him.

Pavel Bannikov


No matter where you'll be brought by the fate of the curve path

You shall take one book with you

Or LP of "All Davai"2' ,

To play it around

And don't be sad, melting intrigue,

Why do you need vinyl on the island?

Take, to play his girlfriend,

No, better to take the book

Those. Multi cooker recipes

With cover in puffy PDF,

Aquarium is largish,

Where shrimps are swimming,

And a breeze is great

Panders to play around,

Beloved sleep in the crib,

But you love them not for this


- First the good news,

Then the bad one:

Which one of it you want

To hear first?

- I swam with a dolphin

And he won the barracuda,

And what happened next?

- Lets do not talk about that now...

- What happened to Danyusha?

- What a distant stars!

Goodbye bells to loved ones,

Later farewells...

- Let's get back to the question!

- And songs of dogs continued all night just like divine worship,

Whith those dogs you wait the dusk

The ships at berth...

- What happened to beloved ones?

Now I'll take the parabellum handgun!

And as one of options:

Right here I will

Shoot you!

What two news?

To the point!

- Oh, oh, you're talking about it!

But I am here

Not more than


Of astrolabes...


Now I am pretty

Resounded in width


Survived the rise in sales

Of electronics

And the decline of pornographic cards -

Smoking the sky drones

For the first time

Not irritating

with it's presence

We learn

The ways of their migration

Birds banned from a year earlier

Birds - the source of infection

The news delivered by birds

In negative way

Affected the formation of

Information field -

Some of us

Already died

From infection, nicknamed behind ones back as white noise:

When out of the beak

Turtledove overcome the borders

Resounded terrible hiss,

Recreated with chip implanted in her craw,

While the drone's chip taken on the border

Simply and easily

Replaced by a new one

- And all at once becomes clear -

Teacher explains,

At the current moment

Withdraws the chip

To support the textbook section

In a new school discipline under the name:

... And other types of clouds

Now he will call me to the blackboard

And a carriage with me

Someone’s kind hand

Will roll out to the middle of classroom,

And to the ability of answer

will be screwed to me

In the lumbar plexus

Like a millstones


Fashionable breath wheel


My mother was a Negro

Oh yeah, my mom was a Negro

She did not read the laws

She said:

Does not matter

There is no line about me

She said:

I feed them all

With my milk,

They are not able to do bad things!!

My mother spoke in Swahili

And produced as much milk

That she suggested it

To the entire counter,

Who does not understand Swahili

Another language for her did not exist

She said:

Soon the whole world

Will taste my milk

And will be able

To understand each other in Swahili -

On sweet music of palms

In the cool place of the forest

And even the animals

Were feed by my mom

Every night she went out with bare chest

And celestial rhinos


About her approach

And hawk was losing his own strength

At the meeting with voles,

To who my mother

Strain off her milk -

She was

A wise man

But now when she spread her wings

And flew away followed

Cycling snake,

Flames out of our hands

Spread to our

Palm trees

And the clatter of tusks

Is heard in our ears


She still haunting

On the heavenly courts for Somalia -

Every night

I see through a straw roof

Her constantly

Moving across the sky



And the janitor said,

To take him to a movie -


In the movie theaters

As cashier,

To sweep

The leaves

Outside the window

We were forced to,

It is beautiful -


Took ticket to

Evening session,


In streams



That unique one,

Country dance

With who


Of the last ...


When I was a kid, I was small

And everything was a small

And the Black Sea

Seemed to me as a little


I drowned the ships,

I knocked them with torpedoes

In the half-open eyelids,

Stand springy

With fists

To the apparatus

Of Endless

Sky -

In two or three

Careless seagulls,

And then



Eight out of ten!

And seashells

Boiled up in the sands ...

It is only now,

When the black became

Devastating, powerful,


And torpedoes

You will not find,

Exactly -

They are small piece of rice

In handles

With a broken


Reiteration of


It is not peculiar to you anymore,

And about it

forget too...


Cheerless Olga

Often came across my eyes in Instagram,

And I began to suspect

Attention deficit,

Associated with black dots

[It was noted in her profile]

All night long

I imagined crying Olga,

Caster with cotton pad that to the morning

Catch her with wide painted eyes

In troublesome stories

At the top of screen,

[In inversion Olga's portraits

Reminded me a scattering of stars,

Distraction the attentions

From the sky,

Where planning paratroopers

Would like to order for her:

I also once was an suicide self-destroyer ...]

And how should I to know that this was only the salespeople...


In the window

They said, that

I am sucker -

When I came to the order window on me began the break,

Municipal institution,

Allowing to themself

Such thing,

And I have with me

Real fruit and vegetable


And now I have to through it in a ditch,

Or in blackjack,

And already there eat it

With friends

'll put the cake

In the center of the table,

And with my fingers,

By breaking the filling


I will

Scatter playing cards,

Sometimes I'll stand up

To refill

The bar

With cheap

And expensive



I'm a downshifter

In the cotton

Shell -

Iron one was confiscated by animals

well, not bad, still,

They said, I escaped,

With iron


But they could take the life also,

And this could be turned out to be several times


And so - the armor shell,

think of it,

I am in cotton one

Will limp to the first

settlement ...

I'm - ronin

I squandered

Shell of my

Host and Lord

I think ,

I'll not get out to the settlement,

I'll Hide


In the forest,

But then again -


It'll be the right, If they are

The same ones,

What if then suddenly - others,

Even will ask

For the cotton

Probably still

Better go

To the people

And shell ...

and what about the shell?

You never know,

What could

Befall on the road?

Who am I?


from Vologda


I - farmazonschik from Vologda


For a long time

She came to me

The woman from the water utility services,

I did not open,

It seemed to me -

That I'm the one only who saw her,

But a neighbor girl still greeted,

Since that time

We drank ourselves with a neighbor girl,

And some

Man started to drink with us,


That one day

And he greeted

With a woman,

That came

To take depositions

Of the meter,

But today

I opened the door for her

In the buff

And the threshold

She passed

As nothing is


In blue shoe covers,



To home


Gait maid,


To care for cats,


no one left -

And on her face

Not flashed

Neither shadow



Someone call

To the door,

Asked: what area you from?

Twenty years ago I would have said,

But now

I escaped uncertain:

- I'm the captain

Of deepwater,

And I have already sent

To the trip,

Could you see,

I'm standing in a jacket

And in fur boots,

And if you think,

That I'm still here,

So it's all the machinations

Of helenukts!

In dissident movements

I'm no expert,

But I can,

If it's necessary,

From the South Pole


For all your people



Whom you there

Expecting to visit


This flight is not what seem to be,

Fuselage plastered with advertising of Expo Astana 2017,

Suitcase in an airport covered with duct tape -

Cargo will be delivered on the next flight

With me only a passport, they do not feed on the flight,

But two talented donner makers

Will show on faded film chronicles

A shaggy sheep from Shymkent

The stewardess is unlikely will offer a gin-tonic,

She will typed herself out of the aisle,

The trifle in hands - is cool to throw

in trolley slot, and - to choose non carbonated

And if you will get wet - make a signal to the housekeeper,

There is a semaphore and plaid house,

Photos will show me two modest Caucasian,

They'll describe the color, if you are color blind


A new hobby for me -

Extreme Uzbek music

Funny to call it extreme,

Especially considered as the Uzbek,

But this is the only way

How I'm manage myself to keep calm

In disputes with fellow Uzbek

On political issues,

When I nod to him out of the headphones,

Imagining that they sound

Extreme Uzbek music -

It amuses me

Not music - noise

On the edge of the circulation of the chainsaw

You'll wake up in the village

In the cool morning,

And to drink some coffee would not be bad,

But logs not pricked,

Then there comes foe the help the chainsaw,

It sounds


Morning of

Lonely man

And, though:

Holding of vibrating tools

Lasting more than an hour

too much loging the hand

And extremely unfavorable

It affects the joints and blood circulation -

For the preparation of a coffee mug

Not so much of


It is required as a result ...

Weight of the fifteen loaded up to the top


In my mind

It does not alter the ease,

With which

I listen to the extreme

Subject again

In a building with a large mezzanine,

In the office with light frames,

And, in response to the invitation of colleagues

To have dinner,

I'm silently noding

And giving him a stapler


You’re the best person in the world,

Until you are under

Eighteen -

Fathers begin

Edit the names of the daughters

In their phone book,

And instead of Luba or Natasha

Only the names of succubies,

And - one worse than the other

You’re the best person in the world,

Until you're thirty -

Daughters voice behind the doors,

And you


Keep turning the pages of


It scared you

The name of a demon in the end of


But the chain on the front group


Guard your dream

You’re the best person in the world,

Until you are under

Forty -

Daughters are grown up

And trading the


At the station,

Until from one of them

You do not acquire, finally,

Candied candy

For your baby

And, when all is the best thing that could happen to you,

It has occurred,



Like that


Unknown to you


By name

Luba or Natasha


Alexey Schwabauer

1. Farmazonschik - a petty and cheap crook.

2. All Davai - The musical pop group in Kazakhstan - Literary Portal

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