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The III Open Central Asia Book Forum and Literatur...

12.06.2014 2015

The III Open Central Asia Book Forum and Literature Festival

The III Open Central Asia Book Forum and Literature Festival  -

The III Open Central Asia Book Forum and Literature Festival (OCABF-2014) will take place November this year in Kazakhstan, the organizers said.

The event will address development of literature in Central Asia. Its goal is to draw attention of readers and experts to the past and present achievements of Central Asian writers and present their works to publishers, readers, libraries, educational establishments and mass media. 


Open Central Asia Book Forum – the first international book forum and festival to concentrate attention on the development of literature and the book publishing industry in Central Asia. The unique feature of this forum is that it will unite not only representatives of book publishing companies and book authors, but those for whom books are being published – readers, libraries, different educational institutions and so on.

The forum will aim at promotion of Central Asian authors abroad and integration of international educational literature into the regional educational system.

The festival will include book readings, presentations of forum participants’ books, master classes on poetry, prose and literary translation and speed-reading. There will also be meetings with international publishers, round tables that will discuss topics such as book publishing and translating challenges and the development of modern literature.

The festival is useful for 3 categories of participants: First, for internationals – an opportunity to communicate with each other, visit new places, meet new people, discuss their work and experience. Secondly, for local authors – an opportunity to promote themselves, talk with readers, gain international experience and participate in the literature contest. And the third group are readers for whom the festival will be a rare opportunity to feast their eyes on works of both known and new authors from Central Asia and abroad.

Within the framework of the Open Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival, a literature contest in 3 nominated categories will take place. The categories will be: “Literary work”, “Literary translation” and “Illustration”. Authors, translators and illustrators from Central Asia are invited to take part in it. The winner will be declared as the “First Degree Laureate” and his or her book will be published by Hertfordshire Press. 

The prize fund of the OCABF 2014 contests is USD 17,000 to have the winner's book published in London and showcased at the London Book Fair 2016.

You can get more detailed information as well as get registered for the event at our website  The brochure can also be sent upon your request via e-mail (please, send it to

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