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The poem «Das Lied von Kulager»( "The Kulager poem...

15.06.2016 2312

The poem «Das Lied von Kulager»( "The Kulager poem") – «Kulager» poem will be presented

The poem «Das Lied von Kulager»( "The Kulager poem") – «Kulager»  poem will be presented -

The author of the translation - the German writer, journalist, translator and writer Gert Heidenreich. He has more than 10 years  partnership with the Goethe Institute to establish relationships. Also, have shown increasing interest in Kazakh literature.


The poem «Das Lied von Kulager»( "The Kulager poem") – «Kulager», which tells about the art and culture, the history and tradition of the Kazakh people, was presented in March 2016, the Leipzig Book Fair.


The German version of the poem also will be presented in Astana and Almaty. For the event will be invited the translator and the daughter of Ilyas Zhansugurov, Ilfa Ilyasqyzy.


Gert Heidenreich translated "Kulager"  from the original poem. His translated book  "Das Lied von Kulager" was published with the support of the Goethe Institute at "Büchergilde" in Germany.


It's neccessary to say that this is the second project  translated into Kazakh by Gert Heidenreich. Before that he translated from  Kazakh to German about 20 poems of  poet Iran-Ghayip . In his turn, the Iran-Ghayip also translated into Kazakh Gert Heidenreich's poems . This is the meaning of friendship between poets and cultural cooperation between the two nations.


event will be hosted on Kazakh, German  and Russian languages. The host is  the popular TV presenter of Kazakhstan, poet Zhanyl Asylbekova.


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