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Türks or Mongols? "Yoke" or tolerance?...

31.03.2017 2637

Türks or Mongols? "Yoke" or tolerance?

Türks or Mongols? "Yoke" or tolerance? -

In the scientific library of the Eurasian National University named after L. Gumilev was a presentation of a unique book by the Russian researcher Anatoly G. Olovintsov "Türks or Mongols. "Yoke" or tolerance? ", In which the author based on a broad source base proves that "the state language in Mangі El", created by Genghis Khan, was a Turkic language". Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Eurasian National University Dikhan Kamzabek thanked the author for his important work:

"For us Genghis Khan is a critic, an image, a symbol of the traditions of Kazakhs. Your book will find its place among worthy readers. On behalf of the leadership of Eurasian National University, on behalf of our scientists, we welcome you and thank you for your work".

The author of the scientific work Anatoly Olovintzov acquainted readers with the book and briefly told about its content:

"It was both cooperation, and resistance, struggle for 250 years. Throughout the book from the beginning of Kipchak's times until today, I have the motto of Leo Gumilyov - to learn to live in harmony. When we are Turkic people, the Slavs live in harmony, then peace and progress are going on. If there is war, then this is the senseless death of hundreds and millions of people. This is the most basic thesis of my book. The empire of Genghis Khan was created by the Türkic tribe - Naimans, Jalair, Kerei, Tatars, Kirghiz, Uighurs and others. 250 years after the death of Genghis Khan, the Kazakh Khanate was created on the territory of Kazakhstan".

The necessity of this work is explained, first of all, by the natural need of any person and citizen to know their history, their genealogical roots. And the era of Genghis Khan and its aftermath is our inalienable history. - Literary Portal

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