Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly


Dospambet-zhyrau was born in 1490 in the city of Azau (Azov), died in 1523 in vicinities of Astrakhan. He was one of the representatives of ancient Kazakh literature, singer of military campaigns. Dospambet-zhyrau lived during an era of formation of the Kazakh people as the nations, participated in many military campaigns, fights between Crimean, Nogai and Kazan khanates. 
Dospambet-zhyrau's poetic heritage is irrevocably lost and remained only in oral national creativity. At the beginning of the XIX century in separate manuscripts some his compositions were included into different literary collections. During the Soviet period Dospambet-zhyrau's compositions were found and completely published by M. Magauin in the anthology of the Kazakh poetry Aldaspan in 1971. The anthology includes such works as «Қалаға қабылан жаулар тиер ме», «Қоғалы келдер, құм, сулар — Қоныстар қонған өкінбес…», «Айнала бұлак, басы тең…» etc. 
By Dospambet-zhyrau's songs and legends it is possible to judge thoughts with which lived the poet, about his life purposes and hopes, an inner world, moral principles and outlook of the author of works. Despite archaism of pathos and old artistic touches Dospambet-zhyrau's aggressive song works are deep according to the contents and at the same time their language is easily perceived by the reader. Dospambet-zhyrau was able to find very precisely graceful and rich words according to the contents for expression of the thoughts. In creativity of Bukhar-zhyrau and Makhambet the influence of song works of Dospambet-zhyrau was brightly shown. 
In 1523 during the Astrakhan campaign the group of the scouts headed by Dospambet-zhyrau was ambushed, therefore the poet and storyteller got a severe wound and was lost.