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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Aybergenov Tulegen

Aybergenov Tulegen

Aybergenov Tulegen
Aybergenov Tulegen died in 30 years, but despite it he became the most considerable phenomenon of the 60th for the Kazakh society. It rushed into literary life of Alma-Aty, having arrived from Karakalpakstan. Earlier nobody knew about him, but as soon as he appeared, not to consider him was impossible. It was the poet of a big emotional charge whom combined the intelligence of the poet experimenter with the unpredictable and inspired improvisational beginning. He implemented new, unexpected rhythms of a semi-verse, semi-prose into the Kazakh poetry, immensely enriched musical and intonational possibilities of the Kazakh rhyme. It is enough to tell that sometimes the whole lines rhymed with each other’s.
And at the same time in the basis he remains surprisingly integral national poet, laying the way to something unknown. There are surprisingly festive, pagan attitudes of Tengriism contrary to all oldest civilizational stratifications in his poetry.
On the other hand, the era of Khruschev's thaw with its light hopes and enormous socialist scope could not pass by him. Mainly it fed him, created an optimistic and epic tonality of his poetry. I would call it poetry of social romanticism. It make him similar to, for example, Yaroslav Smelyakov, or Mikhail Svetlov, but he was more talented and more temperamental than they, thought more tensely and was internally very dramatic.
During his lifetime Aybergenov had only three books, posthumously, in 1974 he became the winner of an award LKSM of Kazakhstan, the Zhalyn magazine founded a T.Aybergenov literary award for young talents. In 1987 there was a book of his translations into Russian «The world of constellations», some of his poems were published in collections «Poets of Kazakhstan» (1977), and also in collections «Strings of dombra» (1979) and «Steppe rhythms» (1983) in Ukrainian, in 2001 there was a collection of memories of Tulegen Aybergenov «I am with you». And he is really with us though it is the most difficult translated Kazakh poet. It is for sure that those who really will be fond of his poetry will study the Kazakh language.
Biography is written by Auezkhan Kodar