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Akhetov Amantay

Akhetov Amantay

Akhetov Amantay
Akhetov Amantay was born on May 23, 1947 in Kokschetau in a family of the journalist. Akhetov Amantay graduated from faculty of journalism of KazNU. Akhetov Amantay is the member of the Union of writers of the USSR and Kazakhstan, the author of about thirty original and translated books, was awarded a medal For labor valor (1980), the Pushkin anniversary medal, a «Party valor» award, medals of 10 years of Astana and 20 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the winner of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan award (1992), has a rank of Madeniet kayratkeri (Cultural figure).
His labor and creative activity Akhetov Amantay began in 1965 in editorial office of the Kokschetau regional newspaper, in 1972-1980 worked as the deputy editor of Zerendinsk and the editor of Kyzyltu regional newspapers of Kokschetau area. The following years Akhetov Amantay worked responsible positions of USSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting and at State Committee for Publishing of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic as the editor of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan republican newspaper Asia Dausy (The voice of Asia), and also on responsible positions of the head of department of the Ministry of Press of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as the editor-in-chief of the republican political newspapers Respublika-2000 (the Republic-2000), «Pravda Kazakhstana» (the Truth of Kazakhstan). Now he is the senior expert of M. Auezov Institute of literature and art.
Akhetov Amantay started to be published with poems and stories in the mid-seventies in republican newspapers and the Prostor magazine. In 1979 for the first time his poems went out in the collection “Otkroveniye” (Revelation) in Zhalyn publishing hous, and prose in the collection Moi drug, moi brat (My friend, my brother) in Zhazushy publishing hous (1988). Reader’s high recognition received Amantay Akhetov's poetic collections Kniga pokayaniya (The repentance book, 1989) and Sudniy den (Doomsday 1991). In 1998 in Kaynar publishing house a publicism and poetic book of reflections about a hajj and Islam role in the modern world went out.
Amantay Akhetov worked fruitfully in the field of a literary translation. From under his pen there were books in Russian by about two tens known Kazakh writers and poets, and also he was one of the main translators of The anthology of pedagogical thought of Kazakhstan (Rauan, 1995) which included poetic heritage of great steppe of akyns and works of outstanding figures.
His translations are of high art level and the maximum nearness to a tonality of the original works such as: G. Kabyshev’s, N. Shakeev's satirical stories (collection Sila smekha (Power of laughter) Zhazushy, 1982); Estay Murzakhmetov's novel Luchezarnaya (Radiant Zhazusha, 1984); collection of stories by Karibay Akhmetbekov Soldat pobedi (Soldier of the Victory, Zhalyn, 1984); Zamanbek Zhakenov's novel Zov otchei zemli (Call of the native land Zhazushy, 1988); novel by Zhalel Kizatov Ispytaniye voinoi (Test by war, Zhalyn, 1990); Omirzak Ozganbayev's books Dukhoborets and Skazy otchego kraya (Stories of the native land Astana, 1998-1999); collection of verses by Shamil Mukhamedzhanov Prityazheniye otchei zemli (Attraction of the father land Almaty, 2001) and some other.
His active public involvement brought to Amantay Akhetov popularity among the public of the republic. Hundreds of articles in republican periodicals and collections lifted the most actual and hot problems of life of the people and formation of independent statehood, an international and spiritual consent. The most part of journalism was included into the collection «Zhazhda svobody» (Thirst of Freedom Almaty, Economy, 2007).
In 2004 in a prestigious book series «Biblioteka Otrara» (Otrar's Library) his novel «Tri Georgiya» (Three Georges) was published, and in 2007 in the same series of the poetry favorites «Drevo zhizni» (A life tree) went out. The great interest of readers was caused by the publicistic book Romantic narration about Kazakhstan «Svyatoe prityazheniye Otchizny» (A sacred attraction of Fatherland) published in 2012 within the program of socially important types of literature. In 2013 Amantay Akhetov's works were included into all three volumes published in Moscow by Hudozhestvennaya literatura (fine literature) publishing house of works of modern Kazakh writers (poetry, prose and children's literature).