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Ayukhanov Bulat

Ayukhanov Bulat

Ayukhanov Bulat
Ayukhanov Bulat Gazizovich was born on September 13, 1938 in Semipalatinsk. His father Kuvatov Gaziz was the eminent Komsomol and party person, his mother Ayukhanova Rakhil was the veteran of party.
Ayukhanov Bulat is a national actor of the Republic of Kazakhstan, State Prize of KAZSSR's winner, winner of independent Club of patrons of Kazakhstan («Platinum Tarlan»), professor of art criticism, member of «The International Academy of Informatization».
Ayukhanov Bulat is the founder of the State Ensemble of classical dance of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic «Molodoy balet Alma-Aty» (the Young Ballet Alma – Ata) (August 1, 1967).
Since January, 2003 the ensemble was renamed into «the State Academic Theatre of Dance of the Republic of Kazakhstan».
Ayukhanov Bulat graduated from Almaty choreographic school in 1955, then he improved his skills in classes of the Academic Leningrad choreographic school. In 1957-1959 he worked at the Abay Academic opera and ballet theater in Alma-Ata. From 1959 till 1964 B. Ayukhanov trained on ballet master office of the A.V. Lunacharsky Moscow state institute of theater on a course of the professor, national actor of the USSR R. V. Zakharov.
In 1964 Ayukhanov Bulat headed Almaty choreographic school, at the same time preparing a class of soloists for future ensemble «Molodoy balet Alma-Aty» (Young ballet of Alma-Ata). The same year together with the leading ballet dancer of opera and ballet theater I.Manskaya wized in organized by them «Theater of two actors» in which choreographic scenes, miniatures on music of Russian, Soviet and western composers were born. This «theater of two actors» developed creative principles of the chamber ballet theater which bases laid down in the given rise ensemble «Young ballet of Alma-Ata». The most part of the programs of the «Theater of two actors» entered into repertoire of young collective.
The ensemble created concert programs, one-act and two-act ballets, having become theater of the chamber ballet. In troupe of 35 soloists there is no proper corps de ballet, and there is no system of stars. Each soloist has own concert repertoire, proceeding from creative identity of actors there were all ballets. A variety of repertoire was caused also by requirements to going on tour collectives - to create the new choreographic works reflecting the creative directions of the ensemble.
To work on new staging the ballet masters from Moscow, Leningrad, Tallinn were invited. The cooperation with the national actress of the USSR N.M Dudinskaya, the national actor of the Russian SFSR N.A.Dolgushin, the honored worker of arts of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic May Murdmaa creatively enriched collective, expanded performing possibilities of actors. Execution by actors of every possible classical pas de deux strengthens an academic background of ensemble of classical dance.
In 1971 the ensemble was awarded ranks of «The winner of an award of Lenin Komsomol of Kazakhstan». Among creative collectives of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic the ensemble «Young ballet of Alma-Ata» occupied one of the leading places.
In 1988 the republican publishing houses Oner (Art) published B. Ayukhanov's book «Moi balet» (My ballet) in which the history of creation of ensemble, stages of its development, creative search of his founder, choreographic franknesses in the light of the modern ballet is reflected.
Ayukhanov Bulat is the author of books «Biografiya chuvstv» (Biography of feelings), «Vitrazhy baleta» (Stained-glass windows of Ballet).
Performances of the ensemble are reflected in the numerous press editions: «Na krylyakh tanca» (On dance wings - «The Soviet culture») «Im aplodirovali, ikh vyzyvali nab is» (They were applauded, they were given three encores - «The Moscow truth») «Zasluzhennyi uspekh» (A deserved success - «the Soviet Armenia») «Vyverennyi do millimetra balet!» (The ballet verified to millimeter! - Nuvel Respublik, Poitiers, October 22, 1975), «The national dances executed with purely east grace, immediately forced us to dream of «one thousand and one night» (La Nouvel Republic du Satr-Uyest, Noron, October 20, 1975). Ralf Parrot in the Estrada newspaper (October 23, 1975) noted: «A concert performance of a big class … It was a brilliant demonstration of a national choreography, together with classical. Competing in speed and grace, fervor, youth and accuracy of execution, dancers were all in magnificent suits, they captivated us by their dances». At a festival of arts in Jordan the Al-dustur newspaper wrote:«At performance of the Kazakh classical dance the Soviet-American agreement was reached!. “The young ballet of Alma-Ata” participated in a joint concert performance with group «Children as peacekeepers» (USA).
Incarnating pearls of the Kazakh epos in ballets Kyz-Zhibek on E.Brusilovskiy’s music, Batyry on A.Isakova's music, «The love tragedy» on P. Tchaikovsky's music, the ensemble took a firm course on creation in Alma-Ata of stationary theater «Chamber ballet of Alma-Ata». Really, in the repertoire poster of collective of 30 names of ballets and some developed thematic concert programs which it is necessary to show on the modern scenic platform, giving the chance to present all programs of theater in complete art, sound, scenic and light registrations.
Developing traditions of the Russian, Soviet ballet Ayukhanov Bulat as the art director, the ballet master and the teacher created the highly professional collective interesting by the creative variety of existing and planned staging. It is enough to note that each created staging is included strongly into repertoire on which both senior and younger generations of ballet dancers grow.
The repertoire of the collective meets the highest requirements of the modern viewer. Ayukhanov Bulat sees the further growth of mastery of ballet troupe in development of the best traditions of the domestic ballet.
Such masters of the ballet, teachers-tutors as R. Ungarova, G. Mikhaleva, R. Kurpesheva, S. Tikhonov, R. Musin contributed a creative big help to the art director.