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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Ashiri Akhmetzhan

Ashiri Akhmetzhan

Ashiri Akhmetzhan

Ashiri (Ashirov) Akhmetzhan was born on 20th of August, 1938 in the village Malybai of Chilik area (the Enbekshikazakh) of Almaty region. In 1956 finished pedagogics school in Panfilov city. In 1961 graduated Kazakh State University and worked as editor in Kazakh Radio. After the termination of postgraduate study of pedagogical science research institute named after I. Altynsarin, A.A. Ashirov worked as the teacher in the Talgar area, then he was the head of literature and art department, was the executive secretary of newspaper editorial office called “Communisms are hard” (nowadays “The Uyghur avazi”). Since 1982 he worked as literary consultant for the Uyghur literature in the Union of Kazakhstan’s writers.


For these years from under a feather of the writer there were stories “To Me Not to Forget”, “So I Want to Live”, “Unfading Flower”, “Nurana” and the novel “Lonely Mint”.


The historical novel “Idikut” of the writer is written on the basis of events of the Uyghur state Idikut. The main character of the novel was one of outstanding commanders of Chingizkhan. By the image of the Uyghur Baurchuk Arttekina the writer shows that voluntary submission saved the country from ruin and possibly, from elimination of all people and fall of the Uigur state Idikut.


Ashirov’s works called “Fresh Flowers”, “Lonely Mint” and “Nuraniya” were translated into Kazakh, Russian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Ukrainian, Chechen-Ingush, Yakut and other languages. In 1989 the story “Crying of the Earth” was published in People's Republic of China by Sinzyan national publishing house.


The writer made a big contribution in development of the Uyghur national dramatic art. Publicistic drama “The Given Rise Do Not Die”, historical “Mukamchi”, ecological “Dekhanin”. Sharp and satirical Trickster, historical Idikut. He translated A. Chekhov's plays “The Cherry Orchard”, K. Shangitbayev’s “Oh, these Dzhigits”, and G. Lorca’s “A bloody wedding”.


The writer A.A. Ashirov takes active part in public life of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1986 on ІХ congress of the Kazakhstan’s Union of writers A.A. Ashirov (Ashiri) was elected as the secretary of board of the Kazakhstan’s Union of writers. He was the secretary of a bureau party of the Kazakhstan’s Union of writers, the member of Almaty regional party committee of Kazakhstan, the board member of Litfond of the USSR, the associate editor of the “Prostor” magazine.


In 1991-1995 worked as the chief editor of magazine “Arzu”.


Since 2002 the member of the commission of a state award of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In 1994-2005 - the scholar of the state grant of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Since 2003 - the winner of the award “Ilham” for the novel “Idikut”.


A.A. Ashirov is awarded with the medal “For Labour Excellence”. Medal “Astana”. For Merits in development of the Soviet literature Presidium of the Supreme Council of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic awarded him with the Certificate of honor of the Supreme Council of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (1988).


Since 2006-2007 - the Chairman of the board on the Uyghur literature of the Kazakhstan’s Union of writers. Board member of the Kazakhstan’s Union of writers.