Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Akhetova Aliya

Akhetova Aliya

Akhetova Aliya

Akhetova Aliya is a public figure, publicist, teacher.


She was born in the city of Kokshetau in 1961 in a large family of the veteran, journalist Koyshibaya Akhetovich Akhetov. She finished secondary school №1 in Kokshetau city in 1978. The first higher education she got at the Kazakh State Women's Teacher training college in Alma-Ata in 1983 – Philological faculty, the Russian office (Honours degree).



In 1987 she finished training at the higher school of the lecturer at Institute of philosophy of KAZUSSR in the city of Alma-Ata.



In 2004 she got second higher education at Kokshetau State Teacher Training college named after Sh. Ualikhanov, specialty “History, bases of the law and economy”.



She started her working career as a teacher in school №8 in Kokshetau in 1983, then she worked in school №74 in Alma-Ata. From 1988 to 1995 she was a teacher at Kazakh Academy of tourism and sport in Alma-Ata, at the same time studied for Doctoral degree at Kazakh National Pedagogical Institute named after Abai. Now - the teacher of history of the highest category in a versatile gymnasium “Tandau” №5in Kokshetau, the observer concerning the social sphere, culture and formation of the regional newspaper “Akmolinskaya Pravda”.



She is the member of journalists Union of Kazakhstan, member of Akmola’s assembly council of Kazakhstan’s nation, member of the scientific and analytical center of Akmola’s assembly of Kazakhstan’s nation, member of Scientific and methodical council of the Akmola regional local history museum, the member of council on communications with religious associations at Akim of Kokshetau.



The author of works: The book by request of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Казахстан в сердце моем” (“We have Kazakhstan in Heart”, 2009), the book “Тебе, мой город” (“To you, my city”, 2005), almanac “Легенды Степи” (“Legends of steppes”, 2011), “О том, что волнует сердце” (“About what excites heart”, 2014), methodical grant “History of Kazakhstan – history of friendship of the people” and practical grant for coordinators of School children's assemblies of Kazakhstan nation (2012).



The winner of regional competition on the best illumination on questions of gender equality (December, 2013), the prize-winner of regional competition on the best illumination on questions of civil peace and harmony (2011), the winner of the regional competition “Altyn kalam” (“Gold feather”) in nomination “Zhana Buyn”.



The winner of regional competition on the best illumination of the state symbolics of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2010). The winner of regional competition of ethnojournalism in the nomination Youth Wing of Assembly - 2014.



She was awarded by the gold medal “Birlik” (“Unity”) of Kazakhstan national Assembly (May, 2014). “Algys khat” (“Letters of thanks”) was marked repeatedly out of the President of Kazakhstan, and akim of Akmola area, in 2012 she was the owner of a grant of Akim Akmola area Kayrat Kozhamzharov for “The best coordinator of School assembly”.


Raised two children.