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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Amraeva Adeliya

Amraeva Adeliya

Amraeva Adeliya

Amraeva Adeliya – graduated from Kazakh university of international relationship and world languages named after Abylai khan, specialty “A teacher of German and Turkish languages”. She is a student of Seventh Seminar of young writers, who write for children in Melikhovo (July 14-18, 2010) and Tenth forum of young writers of Russia, CIS and foreign countries (October, 2010). The finalist of two literal awards in a field of children literature: award named after V.Krapivin and award named after S.Mikhalkov.



According to Adeliya’s words, she started to write when she studied at school: “I loved to read. Writers were like wizards for me. I wrote some stories, made out notebooks under the book. My readers at that time were my mom, some of my school friends and teacher of Russian language and literature Askar Mulkamanovich. I am really grateful to him – he was the first person, who said that I may be a writer. He gave me tasks separately – especially on writings. But what I did not like, that he criticized more than glorified. Then I decided not to show him my writings anymore and then stopped to write stories. Simply, at some point it seemed to me, that it had no sense.



I continued writings with the wish to move further when I was at Open literature school in Almaty. There I incidentally came at the beginning of last year. Head of the school Mikhail Zemskov and head of seminar on children literature Xenia Rogozhnikova supported me at that time. As others, I guess.”