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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Aitkhozha Marfuga

Aitkhozha Marfuga

Aitkhozha Marfuga

Aitkhozha Marfuga was born on August 25, 1936 in Kuldzha city, China. She is Kazakh.


Her father – Aitkhozhin Gali, mother – Bi-Fatima Smagulkyzy.


She graduated from Kazakh state university named after S.M. Kirov, journalism faculty (1965), journalist; High literary courses (Moscow, 1971), poetess, composer, translator into Kazakh language.


Honorable professor of Kazakh national teacher training university named after Abai (since 2007).


She is the author of more than 40 collections of verses, including: “Балқұрақ” (“Balkurak”, 1962), “Шындығы жазу” (“Shyndygyn zhazu”, 1964), “Молодость” (“Youth”, 1968), “Аққуым менің” (“Akkuym menin”, 1971), “Қаракөз айым” (“Karakoz aiym”, 1973), “Баянжүрек” (“Bayanzhurek”, 1974), “Көзімнің қарасы” (“Kozimnin karasy”, 1975), “Ақ бесігім” (“Ak besigim”, 1978), “Жарқыра, менің жұлдызым” (“Zharkyra, menin zhuldyzym”, 1980), “Қыран жеткен” (“Kyran zhetken”, 1985), “Тандамалы” (“Tandamaly”, 1986), “Сағыныш сазы” (“Sagynysh sazy”, 1990), “Жапырақ сілкінген кеш”, “Аңсау” (“Zhapyrak silkingen kesh”, “Ansau”, 2001), “Аққу жүрек” (“Akku zhurek”, 2001), “Жапырақтар жауғанда” (“Zhapyraktar zhauganda”, 2002), “Алатаудың ақ батасы” (“Alataudyn ak batasy”, 2005), “Таңдамалы” (“Tandamaly”, 2 volumes), “Тобылғы бүрлегенде” (“Tobylgy burlegende”, 2008). 7 books published in Russian language: “Горсть земли” (“Earth handful”, 1975), “Утверждение” (“Approval”, 1985), “Струна степей” (“String of steppes”, Moscow, 1978), “Укрощение коня” (“Taming of a horse”, 1985), “Художественная литература” (“Fiction”, 1985), “Летние росы” (“Summer dews”), “Советский писатель” (“The soviet writer”).


Her verses and poems translated and published in more than 40 foreign languages. Many verses are set to music by composers of Kazakhstan and other countries.


She is an author of articles, published in foreign magazines, anthologies and almanacs, including “Young Guard” (Moscow), “Anthology of poetry” (Paris), international magazine “Lotos” (Cairo, 1973); editions in German, French, Arab and other languages.


She knows Kazakh, Russian and Turkic languages.


From 1956 to 1958 – the teacher of a female gymnasium in Kuldzha. From 1961 to 1968 – worked in newspapers “Қазақ әдебиеті” (“Qazaq adebieti”), “Учитель Казахстана” (“Teacher of Kazakhstan”).


Since 1971 to the present – she is at creative work.


Active participant of many international forums, conferences, congresses, meetings, festivals, seminars, kurultais of all Kazakhs of the world.


She is a state and public figure.


Deputy of Almaty city council of People's Deputies (1981–1985).


The member of Kazakhstan’s Union of writers (since 1968). Board member of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan. The board member of Republican council for the rights of women and population policy at the Device of the President of Kazakhstan (1995–1998). The member of Republican women’s council (since 1991). Board member of the international society “Druzhba” (1977–1998).


She was awarded by the orders “Honour Sign” (1986), “Parasat” (1998); many medals and diplomas; The Certificate of honor of the state of Pakistan for a cycle of verses and romances “Исламабад аспаны” (“Islamabad aspany”, 1998). Winner of an award named after Nikolay Vapsarov for the book of verses “Blue Danube” (1979).


Winner of State awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the collection of verses of “Ансау” (“Ansau”, 2002). Has a rank of the Cambridge University “International Professional of 2007” for an outstanding contribution to the Kazakh literature.


Hobby – sewing and drawing.


Literary addictions – A.S. Pushkin, A. Kunanbayev, S. A. Yesenin.


Daughters: Aitkhozhina Aliya (1957) – musician, Zhanbota (1962). She has four grandchildren.