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Alphonse Daudet

Alphonse Daudet

Alphonse Daudet

Alphonse Daudet , born onMay 13, 1840in Nîmes and died onDecember 16, 1897in Paris , is a writer and author dramatic French.

Year (s) Events
1840 May 13 : birth in Nîmes of Alphonse Daudet, son of Vincent Daudet, silk broker, and Adeline Reynaud. Alphonse has two older brothers: Henri, born in 1832, and Ernest, born in 1837.
1845-1847 Alphonse Daudet raises Brothers of the Christian schools .
1849 The Daudet family moved to Lyon.
1850 Secondary studies at Ampère high school.
1855 Repeater at the college of Alès.
1858 Daudet arrives in Paris.
1859 The Lovers . Frédéric Mistral meets in Paris.
1860 Secretary to the Duke of Morny.
1861 Daudet lives with Marie Rieu, rue d'Amsterdam. He fell seriously ill and left for the South.
1862 Travel to Corsica.
1865 Alphonse Daudet writes Lettres de mon moulin à Clamart , where he lives with his friend Paul Arène .
1866 Twelve Letters from my mill appear in L'Évènement .
1867 Marriage with Julia Allard .
1868 The Little Thing . First stay in Champrosay , hamlet of Draveil
1869 Publication of Letters from my mill .
1871 April 25 : while the Commune is proclaimed, Daudet leaves Paris for Champrosay.
1872 L'Arlésienne , Tartarin from Tarascon .
1873 Monday tales .
1874 Women of artists.
1876 Jack .
1879 He has an incurable disease of the spinal cord.
1882 Death of Alphonse Daudet's mother.
1887 Purchase of the house in Champrosay , where he received many men of letters. His friend Edmond de Goncourt died there in1896.
1891 Marriage of Léon Daudet , eldest son of Alphonse Daudet and one of the future leaders of Action française , with Jeanne Hugo, the granddaughter of Victor Hugo.
1895 Divorce from Léon and Jeanne Daudet. The Daudets bond with Marcel Proust . Publication of La Petite Paroisse .
1896 Death of Paul Arène , friend of Daudet, 53 years old. Publication of La Fédor .
1897 Publication of the Treasure of Arlatan .
Daudets' last move, rue de l'Université.
In the fall, the Dreyfus affair broke out. Daudet displays his anti-Dreyfusard convictions.
December 16 : Daudet dies suddenly in his Parisian home (41, rue de l'Université ). He was 57 years old. After a religious funeral in Sainte-Clotilde , Émile Zola , at Père-Lachaise, delivers the usual speech. The state funeral, requested by Georges Clemenceau , is refused.