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Dear Poetry. Part II ...

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Dear Poetry. Part II

Dear Poetry. Part II  -

When Aisha (Rady Allahu Anha) reported that she was asked: "Did the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) bring examples from poetry?". And she replied that he gave examples from the verses of Ibn Rawahi. As an example, she read an excerpt:

"A person comes to whom you do not pay anything,

he will come and tell you the news."

Yes, today we at Literary Portal ( will continue to talk about poetry, and this is the second part of an article about the outstanding poets of the second decade of independence who contributed to the development of Kazakh literature with their beautiful works. It can be called literature "middle generation sections.part II" And in this article, I would like to briefly talk about the another part of our last article Dear Poetry top ten, revealed in the opinion of readers, poets. And once again we tried to translate poems of poets, without changing its main meaning.

The representative of intelligent lyrics, a famous poet Bauyrzhan Karagyzuly will find its way to the heart of every reader. His poems mostly begin with an address, he dedicates them to a man dear to him, the earth, and love. Above, we have already said that love is dual, it gives both joy and suffering. In the poems of the poet we can see all the parts of the love lyrics, starting with the premonition of love:

Oh, why did not I sleep all night?

Oh, my God, nothing will come of me.

Oh, why, why do I think about you?

Really, I really fell in love ?!

Here the author has not yet fully realized that he is in love. Does he still face the question: "Have I fallen in love? Why do I often think of you? ". This is the premonition of love. The next test for the author will be to convey his feelings beloved. He passes them by these lines:

The roar of my soul

Beloved spirit -

You were.

You were poetry, read in the voice of heaven.

I'm your sweet, sweet sadness

I see through the eyes of feelings ...

My flower...

Is not this an ideal love ?! He compares it with the rumble of the soul, with the beloved spirit, because for ideal love it is necessary that lovers be close in spirit. For the poet, the most intimate are his creations, he compares it to poetry, which is read in the voice of heaven. Even her sadness for him seems sweet, and he looks at them through the eyes of his feelings. As Elchin Safarli says "In love, not only can but also need to believe in the impossible, the incredible, as well as in the implausible, unthinkable, unproven."

"Roads to the settled dew" passes poet Yrysbek Dabei. His literary activity amazes with its versatility:

Polluted streets,

Tired streets ...

As a failure they are heavy,

As a wonderful hope, shoots blossomed

April draws his fingers.

The peculiarity of culture is comprehended through its language. In his poems, the author through words conveys the realities of the Kazakh people, associated only with his religion and folklore. His feature in the correct use of national colors, as in the following poem, the author equates poetry with woven ornament:

Wild as an oasis of place

Poetry - woven ornamentation covered

My story is cut to blue stones

If you want to know the history, learn about cities, about poets then I advise you to read poetry Ykylas Ozhay. He is known as a journalist, the author of scientific articles, as an editor. But in the minds of his contemporaries, he is primarily a poet. Reading the author's poems, it's difficult not to pay attention to his intellectuality. They smell of wormwood from them:

My grief settled in the strings of the kobyz,

I was again sad.

Funeral as Asan killed as Korkyt

I was an old man's hotel.

Let's pay attention to the fact that the lines of the poet speak not only of the grief that settled in the strings of the kobyz but also about Asan, Korkyt and about the existence of the Kazakh.

Let the character of Makhambet be inflamed,

Let my spirit wake up, scattering fire,

You live, my nature is gray wormwood,

You live, my holy nobility!

He has the character of Makhambet, the spirit of the people. Originality, powerful energy, faith in their nobility - this is what distinguishes the poetry of Ykylas Ozhay. In my opinion, this is one of the most talented Kazakh poets.

In poetry Ularbek Daley you can hear the voices of Turkish motifs and oriental rhythms that affect the strings of your soul. Since it is literature that is now trying to win the reader, it is welcomed that the author was not only a poet but also an exemplary citizen who can tell about the history of his country:

The Great East became the basis,

My old city, like Kagba, he's a saint!

Absorbing sadness rustles the coast along Chuya.

Egyptian literature, one of the first kinds of the literature of the world. And in the poetry of the author, we notice the symbols of Egyptian poetry. Naturally, Ancient Egypt was known in Europe before - in particular, thanks to its ancient history and Queen Cleopatra, but it was Egypt. A complete image of a great culture ...

We were supposed to sing the song of the pen tip,

Moon beauties of ancient Egypt.

Does the poet find a cure for his soul? No, he pours salt on the poison. Poetry for him as an inner wave of the soul, his mysterious voice, and poems it is the striving of this voice to infinity.

Miras Asan - a young poet who became favorites for many readers. For him, the poem is more valuable than his life, in this, we can see in the following lines:

Do not ask me the question "why"

You remember all sorts of things ...

And why should I write poetry,

After all, is my whole life a verse?

Departing from the unsightly reality, the poet is immersed in a world of obscure visions and fantasies, then in the beautiful sky illuminating the whole way with stars, then in the sweltering sphere of some broken and painful experiences. In his poems at every step, there are unusual, bizarre images. Thus, the poem about the meeting begins with a line:

Give a bobbed wind to kiss the forehead,

The smooth sky touched my smooth surface.

Of all the stars, he paved my way,

In my heart, he kept the whole world!

I believe that Miras Asan is romantic. As Belinsky said: "Romanticism is an eternal need for the spiritual nature of man: for the heart is the foundation, the root soil of his existence, and without love and hatred, without sympathy and antipathy, man is a ghost."

According to students of the international festival "Shabyt", author of the book "Sen zhylamashy" Aizhan Tabarakkyzy nobody throws verses, poems throw them. A huge number of poets left behind a rich legacy of lyrical works. Yes, the theme of love in poetry will constantly acquire novelty, poets will glorify new ideas. The poet shares his secrets with November, with nature:

With myself alone, I remain when,

Not calming, November, you went where?!

Tired from the solitude of my soul,

There is no fear whatsoever, it's more painful.

Each season, the author has certain moods. She speaks the true language of the heart. Reading her poems, I somehow remembered the lyrics of F.I. Tyutchev. Tyutchev talks about the seasons, finding in all the reflections of the different states of his soul and always in everyone his charm. Likewise, Aizhan Tabarakkyzy. She writes mostly about the fall, for sure, this is her favorite time of the year:

Crying heart, thinking about the past ...

(She will cry and calm down at the end).

Was the only witness of this feeling

It's unclear, but I'm so hungry for autumn ...

As the poet, prose writer Valery Bryusov said: "Only Tomorrow is expensive in poetry!" And only if all poets go to meet life, towards the future, their talent will reach full development.

Prepared by Balnur Qazhytay and Akhan Tuleshov - Literary Portal

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