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Tomorrow is so precious in Poetry! ...

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Tomorrow is so precious in Poetry! 12+

Tomorrow is so precious in Poetry!  -

When people asked the Prophet Muhammad on how the faithful people should view the Poetry, he had been thinking for a long time. And then he said: “There are very good people among the poets as well”. Yes, today we will talk about the poetry, and this article is dedicated to outstanding poets of the second decade of independence, who contributed to the development of Kazakh literature with their wonderful works. It can conditionally have called “A literature of middle generation”. And in this article, I would like to talk briefly about the top ten identified in the opinion of the readers and poets. We tried to translate the poems of the poets without changing its basic meaning.

Akberen Elgezek is a modern poet who created a special model of poem in the world of poetry. He is an author of several books and grandiose poems, the winner of state youth awards "Daryn" and "Serper".

A famous poet Tynyshtykbek Abdikakimov, who has dedicated his article to Akberen, called it "Sadness that laugh with a smile." It is clear to everyone that sadness does not laugh, and even a person finds it difficult to laugh when sadness comes. So what did the first poet want to say about the second?!

With my closed eyes,

Someone sits and cries ...

His laugh is like this.

As you imagine this picture, a person is crying with his closed eyes, but it turns out into his laughter. Aren't the words laughter and tears the opposite?

In the same poem, we can see the following lines:

When he cringes dreaming

I am completely losing my calm.

I live in the corner of one point

I see his dreams at night.

It is impossible not to mention about the moment that he fantasizes, cringing. Fantasy is such a bright thing, where a person can think about everything in the world, and it is definitely true that you will not fantasize about the bad things. And here the question arises, so why does he shrink? To live in the corner of one point, if we look from the point of view of an ordinary person, then we do not find anything in this expression. But, if you think logically, the point is round. Even now, you can zoom into your screen and make sure it is round. And now, try to find me the corner of this point... We have given some examples of those poems that fully prove us that Akberen is a poet of contrast.

And now, we are going to flip through "Pages of the Night", written by Toktarali Tanzharyk. The book includes all his poems that have been written over the past 10 years. Due to the fact, that a year of writing is indicated in each poem, we will be able to compare the style of a young poet and a poet of middle age. The first poem “Farewell” was written in 1997. If you give an example from him, it is not difficult to notice that these are the poems of fledgling poet:

One night of mild autumn,

The moon gave its rays to all.

Nobody's in the mood,

There is only the face of sorrow.

Also, here we see that the rhymes are coincided and he describes the atmosphere of farewell in simple words. These lines are quite good for a fifteen-year-old poet.

In almost all of his works in this collection, you can see a deep grief, that evokes unearthly sadness. Let's read an excerpt from a poem written by the author, when he was an adult:

Among the silence and the scream

Only one path... – that lasted infinitely long

Like a closed book of imagination

Hided one tender hand

Like a withered leaf of a lonely oak

The theme of the poem is the same, but here it is with more colourful words and complex rhymes. There are no words like grief, sorrow or sadness here, the author conveys these feelings through the faded oak leaves.

As the people say: “Poets are not born, they become”. It is indisputable fact that poetry is a gift that person has in his spirit and bones. But there are those who were able to develop this gift, and there are those who did not succeed as well. We see that the poet has been honing his talent for ten years, and he didn`t lose it.

A poet who did not think about becoming a poet. She writes poems about love, which are full of sadness and sorrow. She asked God only for a snowy mood, but God deprived her not only of a snowy, but also adjacent, between love and sadness, mood. This is Kuralai Omar. In her poems, we can see the great love along with drops of longing:

Burned my throat with a fire of regret

When I looked at the old notebook.

On white paper forever your name

But the image in memory cannot be returned.

She remembers his smile, and expresses her state of mind in the following lines:

I just remember... I didn't forget your laugh

And in the eyes there are innumerable pearls.

A loose white storm in my heart

Everything is fine outside, even if.

Her soul is literally torn to pieces, there is a storm in her heart, even if she rejoices outside. With the help of her creation, we were convinced once again that love gives not only joy and pleasure, but at the same time makes you suffer. According to her, each person has his own universe, and poems are the inscription of her heart, the diary of her state of mind.

Literature takes its fruits from life, from being, but not in finished form, but in the form of raw materials. Life is rich, but it does not provide a ready-made plot, a person's character for any work. Any material turns into literature only when the author adds his idea there. In the works of Yerlan Zhunis, we notice wonderful ideas, the use of an image, where both logic and content are integrated. In the next poem, he shares his experiences and thoughts with natural phenomena:

A fallen star, a girl who passed by,

I was waiting for her, waiting has no end and edge.

How long tell me the leaves,

How long will the butterfly of paradise tell me?

He knows how to see the world, and shows it in his own way. The poet's philosophical lyrics can be read in one breath. He knows how to look, because looking for a poem is looking for the life itself! Eternity...

A representative of intellectual lyrics, the famous poet Bauyrzhan Karagyzuly will find a way to the heart of any reader. His poems generally begin with an appeal, he devotes them to a person dear to him, earth and love.

Above, we have already mentioned that love is double-natured, it gives both joy and suffering. In the poet's poems, we can see all parts of love lyrics, starting from the premonition of love:

Oh, why didn't I sleep all night?

Oh my God, nothing will come of me.

Oh, why, why am I thinking about you?

Am I really in love?

Here the author has not yet fully realized that he is in love. He still faces the question “Am I in love? Why do I think about you so often? " This is the premonition of love. The next test for the author will be to express his feelings for his beloved love. He transfers them with these lines:

Hum of my soul

Beloved spirit-

You were.

You were poetry recited in the voice of the sky.

I am your sweet, sweet sadness

I see with the eyes of feelings...

My flower...

Isn't this perfect love?! He compares it with the hum of soul, with beloved love of the spirit, because the lovers need to be closer in spirit for an ideal love. For the poet, the most intimate thing is his creations, he compares it with poetry, which is read in the voice of heaven. Even her sadness seems sweet to him, and he looks at them through the eyes of his feelings. As Elchin Safarli says, “In love, not only it is possible, but one must also believe in the impossible, the incredible, as well as the incredible, the unthinkable, the unproven”.

A poet Yrysbek Dabey passes through “Roads with settled dew”. His literary activity is striking in its versatility:

Dirty streets

Tired streets...

As a failure, they are hard

Like a beautiful hope, the shoots bloomed

April holds out her fingers.

An originality of the culture is comprehended through its language. In his poems, the author expresses through words the realities of the Kazakh people, associated only with their religion and folklore. Its peculiarity lies in the correct use of the national colours, as, for example, in the following poem, the author equates poetry with woven ornament:

Wild as an oasis place

Poetry - covered with woven ornament

My story is cut into blue stones

If you want to know the history, learn about the cities, poets, then I advise you to read the poetry of Ykylas Ozhay. He is known as a journalist, author of scientific articles, and as an editor as well. But in the minds of his contemporaries, he is primarily a poet. Reading the author's poems, it is difficult not to pay attention to his intellectuality.They smell of wormwood:

My grief settled in the strings of the kobyz,

I was sad again.

Mourning like Asan, killed like Korkyt

I was the old man's treat.

Let us pay attention to the fact that the poet's lines say not only about grief, that settled in the strings of the kobyz, but also about Asan, Korkyt and Kazakh life.

May the character of Makhambet ignite,

Let my spirit wake up scattering fire

You live, my nature is grey wormwood,

He has the character of Makhambet, and the spirit of the people. Originality, powerful energy, faith in one's own nobility - this is what distinguishes the poetry of Ykylas Ozhay. In my opinion, this is one of the most talented Kazakh poets.

In the poetry of Ularbek Daley, you can hear the voices of Turkic motives and oriental rhythms that will touch the strings of your soul. Since it is literature that is now trying to win the reader, it is encouraged that the author is not only a poet, but also an exemplary citizen who can tell about the history of his country:

He became the basis of the Great East,

My old city, like Kagba it is holy!

Absorbing sorrow the coast rustles along.

Egyptian literature, one of the first literatures in the world. And in the poetry of the author, we notice the symbols of Egyptian poetry. Naturally, Ancient Egypt was known in Europe before - in particular, thanks to its ancient history and Queen Cleopatra, but that was Egypt. A complete image of a great culture...

Were owed the song of the tip of the pen,

Moon beauties of ancient Egypt.

Does a poet find a cure for his soul? No, he sprinkles salt on poison. Poetry for him is like an inner wave of the soul, his mysterious voice, and poems are the aspiration of this voice to infinity.

Miras Asan is a young poet who has become the chosen one for many readers. For him, poems are dearer than his life, we can be convinced of this in the following lines:

Don't ask me why

You remember everything you need...

Why should I write poetry?

After all, the verse is my whole life?

Departing from the unsightly reality, the poet plunges into the world of vague visions and fantasies, then into the beautiful sky, illuminating the entire path with stars, then into the stuffy sphere of some broken and painful experiences. Unusual, bizarre images are encountered in his poems at every step. So, a poem about a meeting begins with the line:

Give the spoiled wind a kiss,

My smooth surface touched sevenfold sky.

Of all the stars, he paved the way for me,

He put the whole world in my heart!

I think Miras Asan is a romantic. As Belinsky said: "Romanticism is an eternal need of the spiritual nature of man: for the heart is the basis, the root soil of his existence, and without love and hatred, without sympathy and antipathy, man is a ghost."

According to the winner of the international festival "Shabyt", the author of the book "Sen Zhylamashi" Aizhan Tabarakkyzy, no one throws poems, poems throw them. A huge number of poets left behind a rich legacy of lyric works. Yes, the theme of love in poetry will constantly acquire newness, poets will sing new ideals. The poet shares his secrets with November, with nature:

I am alone with myself when,

Without calming down,

November, where did you go?!

Tired of the loneliness of my soul,

There is no fear than this, it hurts.

Each season of the year, the author has certain moods. She speaks in the true language of the heart. Reading her poems, for some reason I remembered the lyrics of Tyutchev F.I. Tyutchev talks about the seasons, finding in all the reflections of the different states of his soul and always in each of its own charm. So is Aizhan Tabarakkyzy. She writes the most about autumn, for sure this is her favourite season:

The heart cries, thinking about the past...

(Will cry and calm down at the end).

Was the only witness to this feeling

It's incomprehensible, but I'm so thirsty for autumn...

As the poet and prose writer Valery Bryusov said: "In poetry, only Tomorrow is dear!" And only if all poets go towards life, towards the future, their talent will reach full development.

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