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Didar Amantay’s Book “On Top of Karkaraly Hills” p...

02.08.2013 2230

Didar Amantay’s Book “On Top of Karkaraly Hills” published in foreign languages

Didar Amantay’s Book “On Top of Karkaraly Hills” published in foreign languages -


The book of Kazakhstan writer Didar Amantay translated into Mongol, French, Turkish languages was presented in Almaty, reported.

The book was first time published in 2010 and comprised the writer’s novel “Flowers and Books” and a few stories.

Kazakh actor, film director of theatre and movie, script writer and educator Assanali Ashimov shared his opinion about the publication: “Didar Amantay is distinguished among modern Kazakh writers by his inimitable writing and style. His book “Flowers and Books” amazed me. I read it twice. Philosophy and art interlace in it. I mentally imagine the film version of this book.  However I dare say we don’t have such a film director in Kazakhstan who would be able to make a film upon this book.” 

«I would say translation of Didar Amantay’s creations into foreign languages is obligate, for he is one of the famous writers of Kazakhstan’s modern literature. Speaking figuratively, he created a bridge between worlds, spaces and histories. The unique writings of Didar Amantay will be perceived always and everywhere. This is a dialogue with eternity», - said Kazakh writer Mukhtar Auezov. 

 “On Top of Karkaraly Hills” is the first of the five volumes. The author is continuing the creative work and plans to issue the rest of the books within the next five years.

At present the book is being translated into Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, English, Persian and Korean languages. 

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