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Documentary exhibition devoted to the Day of memor...

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Documentary exhibition devoted to the Day of memory of victims of political repression and famine

Documentary exhibition devoted to the Day of memory of victims of political repression and famine  -
 National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a documentary exhibition devoted to the Day of memory of victims of political repression and famine. The exhibition will last for about a week.


Visitors of unique exhibition for the first time, from the collections of the National Archives of the RK, Information and Analytical Center of the MIA of RK and the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Records of the General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan, were able to see the unique original documents that stamped "Top Secret".


Among the invited guests were representatives of the communities, the descendants of the deported peoples.

According to the Director General of the National Archives of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Absemetov- todays exhibitions was already  visited by Minister of Internal Affairs, the Ambassador of Greece in Kazakhstan, held a unique exhibition of the United  archives  of the general prosecution, the Interior Ministry and National Archives of RK. The documents came from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to them from the National Security Committee. For the first 70-100 years an unique documents, submitted to the court of spectators-visitors. Original documents are the agonal photos of 
A. Bukeikhan, 
M. Dulatov 
M. Zhumabaev, 
J. Aimautov, 
S. Seifullin,
 I. Dzhansugurov, 
B. Mailin, 
W. Dzhandosov, 
T. Zhurgenev, 
Abilhair Dosov, 
Zhumat Shanin, 
Shah Mussin, 
Abubakir Aldiyarov, 
Zhumagali Tleulin, 
Turlyhan Khasenov, 
Aldazhar Khasenov, 
Muhtizar Titakov.


The documents had long been closed to the public masses, for many years been classified as docs with stamp " TOP SECRET"
This is personal affairs and the investigation of prominent political and public figures of the Kazakh people - A. Bukeikhan, A.Baitursynov, M. Dulatov M. Zhumabaev, S.Asfendiyarov, J. Aimautov, S. Seifullin, I. Dzhansugurov, B. Mailin, W. Dzhandosov, T. Zhurgenev, Abilhair Dosov, Zhumat Shanin Shah Mussina, Abubakir Aldiyarov, Zhumagali Tleulin, the greatest poet Turlyhan Khasenov, Aldazhar Khasenov, Muhtizar Titakov who wrote the struggle for national idea that his play-piece of 1917, when we started be in the eyes of western countries as a Independence State.


I want to thank them all for  proving their citizenship position. Because we, without knowing the whole story,  the individual fragments of our history,  the bitterness of our past, we will not cross the future quietly. You are there to see how our leaders fought in word and pen for our land from China to the Caucasus, at the same time giving their lives. 


They, at any time and to any person fearlessly argued that it is the Kazakh land, the Kazakh State and Nation is our wealth. Our language, our culture, our dignity. But today you'll see for the first time last words of repressed people by NKVD protocols.

 Particular interest to visitors will be the docs of  personal affairs deported Pontian Greeks, Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians, Iranians, Chinese, documents P.O.W. French, Spanish, Japanese, Austrians, Hungarians and others, archival materials managers and participants in the White movement, as well as investigating the case of the repressed. Christian metropolitans and priests Episkops.











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