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Fourteen interesting and little-known facts about ...

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Fourteen interesting and little-known facts about reading

Fourteen interesting and little-known facts about reading  -


1. While reading nearly 50% of time eye of the person look at different letters. Thus lines of a look can both disperse in different directions, and to cross.

2.  According to a Research study from Yale University, now indicates that the 4-year to 6-year-old age range is the sweet spot for teaching kids to reading. Beyond the age of 6-year or 7-year old, teaching a child to read is a game of catch up. 95% of people read very slowly – 180-220 words in minute (1-1.5 page in a minute).

3. At fast reading fatigue of eyes is less, than at the slow.

4. Understanding level at traditional reading makes 60%, at the fast – 80%.

5. Eyes of the person with average skills of reading make on one book line about 12-16 pauses, reading quickly – 4-2 pauses.

6. Traditionally the volume of the reading person of one-stage fixing consists of 10 printed signs (that is 1.5-2 words of one line). At the fast-reading – 200-500 signs (these are 33-83 words of several lines).

7. Napoleon read with a speed of two thousand words in a minute.

8. Balzac read the novel in two hundred pages for half an hour.

9. M. Gorky read with a speed of four thousand words in a minute.

10. N.A. Rubakin read 250 thousand books.

11. E. Gaon literally remembered 2500 books read by him.

12. T. Edison read at once 2-3 lines, remembering the text nearly pages due to to the maximum concentration.

13. Stephen Bloomberg, one of the most known biblio-kleptomaniacs, stole more than 23 000 rare books from 268 libraries to make the collection which is estimated approximately at 20 million dollars.

14. The longest marathon of team reading aloud lasted 224 hours and was finished by Milton Neng, Silvina Carbone, Carlos Anton, Edith Diaz, Yolanda Baptista and Natali Dantaz in shopping center “Mac” in Paysandu, Uruguay, on September 13-22, 2007.

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