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Ilyas Daniyarov "It’s all starts with the family."...

20.04.2016 1507

Ilyas Daniyarov "It’s all starts with the family."

Ilyas Daniyarov "It’s all starts with the family." -


"Literary Portal” presents the project called "It’s all starts with the family.". Today’s Hero release became Ilyas Daniyarov - Director of a youth experimental theatre named "Attraction" 


 -Let's start with the simple question: What line of work  your parents were in?





-          My Mom worked as stock warehouse worker at Truck Factory and Dad –firstly was a bus driver, then the driver of KAMAZ (Truck made in USSR), then the driver of the crane. These are the parents I have from working stratum, but artistic. Our Dad we have is  tragedian and the mommy-comedian. Dad always had such a long philosophical monologues on "how to continue living," and my mother was always cheerful mood no matter what happen. And in such a freedom I was brought up. 


-What kind of books you read as a kid? Have there been any books that you have read the whole family?


-I have always read children's literature, and no matter how much time has passed, I somehow further children's books are not moved, honestly. But my mother and I were real fans of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. We have read absolutely all of her works: "We are on the island of Saltcrock", "Rasmus-Rogue", "Peppi-Longstocking". I took a book from the library, then we read it together. So from what I've read in childhood, it is, of course, Astrid Lindgren, and even today, mom can send me SMS: " Today one hundred years since the birth of Astrid Lindgren ", and I like this:" The coolest woman! ". We read various stories about her and Astrid Lindgren was the comedic enough Lady, perhaps even eccentric. We've always liked. And "Harry Potter" I always shopped like : I don't spend my pocket money and my mom here it somehow very duh. And she always read the first chapter, in which the family of the "Dursleys" mocks "Harry"and then no longer read. And I always brought a new book and first erase the price, so mom did not know how much it is actually worth. And said: "Behold, I have bought a new book about Harry Potter!", and she to me: "Why you bought it? Fu, how much it cost? ". And I say: "six hundred tenge", naturally, mom is outraged: "Horror, for that kind of money, why?". But on those days and six hundred tenge were a decent amount of money, especially for schoolchildren. Well, after the book became more and more expensive, has already reached up to 1,500, and all I said to my mom that they're still worth six hundred tenge. And mom still believed that Harry Potter is too high a price. And Daddy I have more belongs to the people that not reading, he is watcher. Watcher of Tv.


-Is it possible to say that your parents have contributed to your decision to become a Director and associate your life with the theatre?


-I can't say that parents have contributed to that, but now they support me. Mom definitely supports all my endeavours and aspirations, like my father. It all began with what I once thought that once we have the theatre, why not go there. I was in ninth grade, went, and I can't say that I liked it. Perhaps not liked it, it was somehow unusual. But I thought: Wow somehow stand out among your classmates, so I put on my suit, bought the program in the intermission went back and forth with important views. Was the transition from me, very much like to stand out. And then I was fascinated by it all, entrapped me, and at the moment I can't say that I'm crazy fan of Theater-I love the theater, but it is music. And it is in the musical I found absolutely. Back in school we organized the theatre immediately, because I started to get involved, I immediately wanted to be involved in something theatrical, creative. And at school we organized the troupe, selected plays, of course, baby, school. I brought home some plays, and their mom was reading, and sat next and is followed closely by her reaction. Typically, she said, "Well, Yes. But something not very interesting, about whatever piece it was not. So far so. Here we sit, drink tea, I talk about what we put "Mamma Mia!" and hear in response: "Mamma Mia!"? Well, okay, just remove from there all the sad songs. Why do they need? ". Here we have with mom creative discussions, mom always said that it can be removed, this can be changed. But I didn't listen, do as I know. The main thing-she supports me, and says, "Bet".


-Which book do you prefer paper published or electronic?


-My mother and I prefer paper books, and the electronic format, do not accept. Yes, of course it's convenient, though ... No, this is not the case. It is necessary to hold a book, you have to put it under your pillow. I somehow got used to. And when you book page-so for example, I can always find your favorite moment. It is very important for me, because I have often attention dissipates. Although there are people who read carefully, you know, be able to read-it is also an art. I can read that stood a tree, and start thinking about what this tree, why why tree wood, and maybe this tree was not, he now came up with, and such a beautiful tree there. Then start thinking: how wonderful that trees grow and the wrong, and in this way, they have roots, and my thoughts go in completely opposite from the reading side. And I have to constantly re-read, re-read, read. There's been conversations went, and all about the tree I think. So the paper book is much more pleasant and interesting. It can be compared to communication: more fun to communicate with man alive, than on the Internet. In reading has some kind of magic, and when reading e-books it is lost.


-What books do you have in  your home library?


In a home library we had, probably, twenty books. And this was after we started more or less securely live. Mom began to buy books, and it was classic-Theodore Dreiser's "Sister Carrie". I remember she bought, came from her home, and read for the day, and then its read and I had to keep me from her to say: I also read the Dreiser in one day! Then remember, Dostoevsky she bought. But these books she came into adulthood already, although always read. And a classic in our House started to appear when I was twelve-thirteen. Of course, our library cannot be described as extensive, but we have the Steinbeck, Chekhov, Bulgakov, Pushkin, and the whole "Harry Potter" is my contribution. Usually I walked into a public library, and the mother told her to take, and then we read together.


-What books related to your theatrical activity, do you read?


-Generally I have this encyclopedia is a secret-there all about theater. Short texts with pictures. So, I find that I need to read, and then, in the search for more detailed information, go on the Internet. Of course, I have read Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Chekhov, and if at the age of seventeen I disagreed with them, now it's the opposite. When musicals I, of course, rely on Western literature, in particular, the American. This can be a simple story of Broadway, Broadway performances, just some excerpts, some moments, some memories. And still need to constantly watch. Every sitcom, every series, every stand-up, any advertising, concert performances, film-anything. But for me the Foundation always-script. The scenario is holy. The Scripting Guys are awesome people and I'll translate the scenario everyone it asking for then keep it in your hands and feel in my hands is the key to global energy field. 


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