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In Astana hosted poetry evening of Gabdulla Tukay...

17.05.2016 2147

In Astana hosted poetry evening of Gabdulla Tukay

In Astana hosted poetry evening of  Gabdulla Tukay -

On the 15 th May  by "ProBooks" book club and Tatar Educational Culture Center "Duslyk" was held the Gabdulla Tukay’s evening of poetry. At the evening was a traditional discussion of the Tukay’s life and literary career, was sounded poems of the poet in Tatar, Russian and Kazakh languages, and some inspired by the atmosphere of the evening, read a poem of their own composition. Due to writer and publicist Alia Ahetova, she came specially for the evening from Kokshetau, there was a conversation about the parallels between the Kazakh and Tatar poetry. Organizers especially pleased that the literary work of Gabdulla Tukai attracted readers of all ages, and thus took the same "Dialogue of Generations", unfortunately, quite rare today.


For reference: Gabdulla Tukay - Tatar national poet, literary critic, translator and essayist. Because of him Tatar literature raised more to the international level and become really recognizable. Gabdulla Tukay’s works were translated to Russian by Anna Akhmatova, Arseny Tarkovsky, Veronica Tushnova.

Foto by Rinat Dusumov

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