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In Moscow the exhibition to Romain Rolland's 150 a...

29.01.2016 2007

In Moscow the exhibition to Romain Rolland's 150 anniversary will open on February 1.

In Moscow the exhibition to Romain Rolland's 150 anniversary will open on February 1. -


Exhibition “The fascinated soul. To Romain Rolland's 150 anniversary”, devoted to life and works of the French writer, Nobel Prize laureate on literature, will open in the Russian State Library (RSL) on February 1, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation reported.

On January 29, 2016 150 years since the birth of Romain Rolland (1866 – 1944) – the French writer, the Nobel Prize laureate on literature, the public figure and the scientist-musicologist will be executed. The writer was connected by long-term friendship with representatives of the Russian and Soviet culture: he actively corresponded with Lev Tolstoy, communicated with Maxim Gorky, throughout all life deeply was interested in history of Russia.

Personal letters, fragments from diaries and the rare family photos of the writer and public figure which are stored in Russian State Library are presented to expositions of an exhibition. “Collection of letters, personal diaries and photos of the writer were stored in funds of research department of manuscripts of the Russian state library. Kernel of archival fund of Romain Rolland are “Diaries of military years” (1914-1919) in twenty nine notebooks” – the press service reported.

At an exhibition it is possible to get acquainted with little-known pages of the biography of Rolland, with private papers of his wife Maria Kudashyova — the close acquaintance of the Russian poets of the Silver age Andrey Bely and Vyacheslav Ivanov heading Rolland's fund at the Parisian university. Kudashyova all the life kept in contact with Lenin library, B1973 to year she transferred to library the collection documents belonging to Romain Rolland – two letters of the Russian emperor Alexander I and his mother Maria Fyodorovna.

The exhibition will be open from February 1 to February 29. 

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