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Pushkin living room at Eurasian National Universit...

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Pushkin living room at Eurasian National University named after Leo Nikolaevich Gumilyov

Pushkin living room at Eurasian National University named after Leo Nikolaevich Gumilyov -

In 2016 the Eurasian National University named after Leo Nikolaevich  Gumilyov is celebrating its twentieth anniversary on 23 May 1996, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree on the establishment of the university.

Over the years, the university has appeared many interesting rooms and classrooms "with history", but a special mention has always rewarded Pushkin living room, on the basis of the Faculty of Philology. Thanks to Sharipova G.A., Nurmanova J.K. and Zhapanova M.E. Pushkin living room was opened in autumn 2005 - in just in time for the 175th anniversary of the return of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin from Boldin village.

Separate conversation is worth  library og the living room - it is more than five hundred copies of the books, and is constantly updated with new and rare editions. Among them are really rare editions:

- Materials for the biography of A. Pushkin. Ed. P.V. Annenkov. Saint-Petersburg, 1855;

- Newspaper of A.I. Herzen and Nikolai Ogarev's "Bell". Vol. Fourth. Geneva, 1861 (Associate Professor T.G. Kotlyarova gift);

- Huber P.K. Don zhuan list of Pushkin. Ed. 1923 .;

- Pushkin A.S. Letters. In 2 vols., 1926 .;

- Hesse book publisher Alexander S. Pushkin. 1930

Pushkin's living room doors are open not only for Teachers -  students of other faculties can also attend classes in the living room to watch movies and shows. 

So, were viewed "Postmaster", "Pushkin. Last Duel "," Taras Bulba "," Carmen "and many others 

But the movies have not been forgotten, as often happens: on them were written reviews and essays, some students are inspired to new experiences, and do their own filmmaking. For example, D. Karabalin shot music video "Reading Abay" Altynkor Dauletkyzy - cartoon "Parts of Speech" and Oraz Orynbaev - "Legend of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate."


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