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Scientists proved that fairy tales of brothers Gri...

22.01.2016 1312

Scientists proved that fairy tales of brothers Grimm appeared thousands years ago

Scientists proved that fairy tales of brothers Grimm appeared thousands years ago -

Scientists came to a conclusion that the well-known children's fairy tales of such writers as Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm could be written in a bronze age.

Researchers from Portugal and Great Britain consider that the children's fairy tales written at 18-19 centuries can originate in an extreme antiquity. Scientists assumed that some fairy tales were thought up in prehistoric time and passed from father to son in an oral form.

In order to make sure of it, scientists in operating time used a combination of traditional methods of linguistic approach, which is based on achievements of modern genetics and the theory of evolution. So, scientists managed to find out that some plots which arose at a turn of 16-17 centuries, existed in a bronze age.

Researchers defined that all known fairy tales “Beauty and Monster” of Charles Perrault and “Rumpelstiltskin” of Brothers Grimm, appeared about four thousand years ago. The history about the courageous boy who won a giant "Jack and a bean stalk" according to scientists, existed about five more thousand years ago.

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