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Selection of the Second World War films...

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Selection of the Second World War films

Selection of the Second World War films -
Today we shared with you a selection of literary works on the theme of the Second World War, and now for you - we have a similar selection of films on the same theme.

"For us Moscow" (1967)

The film of Mazhit Begalin "For us Moscow" immediately after the release in theaters has gained immense popularity among the Soviet people. The screenplay of the Panfilov division heroism during the Second World War was based on the memoirs and diaries of Bauyrzhan Momysh-Uly, as well as the story "Volokolamsk Highway", released in 1945. The plot of the film "For us Moscow" tells the story of the Battle of Moscow in 1941, when, thanks to the courage of the fighters of the Panfilov division managed not only to defend the capital from the enemy, but also to counter-attack, which was the first major victory in the Soviet fronts and has given reliable heart people .

"Song of Manshuk" (1969)

Kazakh director Mazhit Begalin in his  movie film "Song of Manshuk" 1969 immortalized the feat of machine-gunner Manshuk Mametova. In 1942 she took her place in the Red Army. The picture shows one day in the life Manshuk and its divisions. This day was their battle with German tanks. The fight was unequal and, in spite of the desperate courage and skill Manshuk dies. She became the first woman who was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. The film has received many distinguished awards. Actress Natalia Arinbasarova, who played legendary Manshuk, was awarded a prize and a diploma, and then together with the director M. Begalin received a silver medal A.P. Dovzhenko. "The Song of Manshuk" The film took pride of place in the official "Golden Collection of Kazakh cinema» .

Snipers (1985)

During the war, showing the relationship of the soldiers, civilians, members of warfare. Young girl Aliya Moldagulova seemingly modest, sweet, and that guns in the hands not holding. But it is a real sniper. Never Alia did not spare the enemy and mercilessly massacre led to the enemy. And in this movie, it shows really. Handed her character, style of combat, cunning. Most importantly, the girl shot not only ordinary rank and file soldiers, but also the "cones" - officers. Her love and respect, appreciate, cherish. On account of its more than thirty dead enemies. As can be seen in the film, and other plot details - love, true friendship, heroism. At the end of the movie are fighting for Leningrad. They are heavy and have brought great losses to the national army. It was there that heroically died and the main character. Later Moldagulova Alia was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union .

"... And Dawns Here Are Quiet" (1972)

The film is based on the novel by Boris Vasilyev "The Dawns Here Are Quiet ...". ... At the beginning of June 1942 five anti-aircraft gunner and commander, Sergeant Vaskov, going into exploration, suddenly discover that in this seemingly more distant from the front area German troops landed. This must be reported to headquarters. But the little troop cut off from their own. And find a way out is possible only at the cost of his own life. These girls have dreamed of a great love, tenderness, warmth of the family - but their share has fallen brutal war, and they complied with before the end of their duty ... .

"Ballad of a Soldier"

The young 19-year-old soldier Alyosha Skvortsov (Vladimir Ivashov) makes the feat. Accidentally caught his eye anti-tank gun not only saves his life, but also makes it possible to knock out several enemy machines. Fighter cause the command dugout and promise him the Order, but yesterday's student, a boy with a bright face and childlike gaze refuses honorary award and asked to release him in return for a vacation - to see his mother. And now, before Alyosha is the road home to his village. A few days without war. A few days on the way to the house. He will remain forever 19-year-old. Hero, refused by the Order in order to last hug mom .

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