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Akhmet Baitursynuly
The book which can't wait...

05.02.2016 1516

The book which can't wait

The book which can't wait -

There is a book which will force you to read it. For certain, you made yourself more than once promise to read up the book which had begun still a year ago, but it lies alone on the shelf and waits when you give it though some attention.

The Argentina’s publishing house “Eterna Cadencia” counted such state of affairs unfair, and submitted the original concept of the book with an interesting format called “El Libro que No Puede Esperar” (The book which can't wait). Such book is published with ink which will disappear in two months after you opened the book for the first time.


The book is packed into a plastic wrapper and as soon as you removed it and dug out the book, ink starts growing old and in 60 days to readers remains nothing except looking at a wrapper and empty pages. Ink in the book reacts with a sunlight and air and gradually disappears. So if you do not want to be hurt by the money spent to nothing, you shouldn’t shelf such book.


The idea to create such books appeared at publishing house because it was quite difficult for new authors to break through. If nobody reads your first book, then who will be interested to read the second and third? The book which doesn't wait, won't allow the book to lie too long and collect long dust, and also will stimulate you to read more. Perhaps, such decision will help to survive to printing editions which all force out by e-book readers more strongly.  

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