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The history of "Jane Eyre"...

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The history of "Jane Eyre"

The history of "Jane Eyre" -


The history of writing the novel begun in long, boring nights, when all house in Hauort went to their beds, prepared for sleeping and exactly in nine p.m. Patrick Bronte locked an entrance door. In such hours sisters read to each other what they wrote in a day, discussing all peripetias of life, fight and love of their characters. Once Charlotte has noticed: why female characters of novels have inhuman beautiful. “But in other way you won't attract the reader”, - Emily and Ann have objected. “You are mistaken, - Charlotte has told. - You want, my character will be ugly externally, but properly so interesting, worthy and attractive what will fall in love with her?” Her Jane Eyre became such hero of the novel.

The history, which has formed the basis of the novel “Jane Eyre” was taken from real life. This fact is described in the book of the English writer, the friend of Charlotte Bronte Elisabeth Gaskell “Charlotte Bronte's Life”, 1857. Charlotte Bronte for the first time heard this history when she taught at Margaret Vuler's school in Rowe Hede. During that time, just in the heat of a working semester, near Leeds there was very curious incident which for a long time has alarmed the district. The employee of one respectable owner of firm married the young girl, the governess of the owner. And in a year after wedding has opened the fact that the person whom the governess by right considered the lawful spouse and from whom she has already given birth to the child by then had another wife. His alliance with this doubtful person was clapped up many years ago, and all this time was kept as the secret as soon after a wedding doctors recognized the ill-fated woman mad. For the same reason marriage between him and his spouse couldn't be terminated in the lawful way. However the unfortunate man has been convinced that the fact of madness of his wife grants to him the right for a new matrimony which, in essence, and has to be recognized lawful. And here, after long torments and humiliations what he had to undergo from vulgar, impious “devil in the flesh”, he meets the young girl - simple, modest and honest. She - as if the little melliferous bee - executive and laborious, selflessly and imperceptibly working in this vale of life for the benefit of human race. The unfortunate sufferer has fallen in love with her with all the heart and soon achieved that the girl of his dream has reciprocated to him. Then a wedding took place. All ceremony - church service, wedding rings, certificates and the marriage act - everything was lie. In total - but not feelings. These two loved each other sincerely and deeply - especially is more frightening - the despair when the terrible truth has opened was devastating.

This sad story has shaken impressionable Charlotte to the bottom of the heart in due time. How many senseless rumors - a gossip of gossips - this regrettable incident in the district has caused! The story about sufferings of the poor governess passed from the area to the area in different options, gradually acquiring all new and new details. At last gossips have come also to Rowe Hed. Anyway, position of the unfortunate young woman - innocent mother of the illegitimate child - the wife and, at the same time, not the wife - excited general sympathy. Uneasy talk on this case didn't abate neither in Rowe Hede, nor in other neighbourhoods of the English provinces for a long time.

Charlotte sincerely felt pity for the unfortunate woman. Creating the novel of “Jane Eyre”, the writer tried to emphasize that position of women deprived of civil rights - a shameful brand of a social order of her time. Charlotte Bronte, by all means, sought to inform of the unshakable belief the reader that great ladies have to... are obliged to assert the rights, to protect the actions, the aspirations, the bents and, of course, the feelings.

Gothicly cloudy estate of Thornfield is probably created with caution on Nort Lis-Hall located near Hazersage. Charlotte has visited him with the friend Ellen Nassey in the summer of 1845. The estate of Ferndin, - the second manor belonging to Mr. Rochester where he has lodged after the tragedy which has happened in Thornfield - apparently was described under the impression cast by the district under the name Uaykoller-Hall.

Early events of the novel of “Jane Eyre” where the deserted Jane is sent to severe school, are based on personal experience of the author. Two of her sisters have died in the childhood as a result of bad conditions at school, in orders and which installations the Lowood school from “Jane Eyre” is easily learned. The image of the founder of school, Mr. Brockehurts, is created thanks to his real prototype - the Reverend William Kerus Wilson (1791-1859), and as a prototype of the friend of Jane Eyre of Elaine Burns - Maria Bronte, elder sister of the writer has served. These facts have been published in the book “Charlotte Bronte's Life”, 1857, written by her friend Elisabeth Gaskell and which has caused disputes in due time.

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