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This year is the 105th birthday of Kasym Amanzholo...

03.09.2016 1489

This year is the 105th birthday of Kasym Amanzholov, a great Kazakh poet.

This year is the 105th birthday of Kasym Amanzholov, a great Kazakh poet. -

Аманжллов.jpgKasym Amanzholov’s first book - the collection of verses «A life confession» tells about life and work of young builders of communism. At the beginning of a creative way adhered to canons of traditional poetry zhyrau (legend) and tolgau (reflection). Kasym Amanzholov also wrote feuilletons, one-act satirical plays.

There are some popular songs that were composed by Kasym Amanzholov. They are “Where, where is that beloved girl…”, “Dariga”, “The native country” and so on.

He brought into the Kazakh verse a ten-syllabic line, applied for the first time the alternation of eight - and the nine-syllabic lines that is convenient to express the colloquial intonation.

He translated the workd by Pushkin ("Poltava"), Lermontov ("Masquerade"), Shevchenko, V. Mayakovsky ("At the top of the voice"), Tvardovsky ("Vasily Terkin") into the Kazakh language.

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