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Tolen Abdik - The man of the year...

17.02.2014 1787

Tolen Abdik - The man of the year

Tolen Abdik - The man of the year -

IMG_6548.JPG"The IV International Congress of literary magazines of the Turkic world" was held in the city of Eskishekher with the support of the International organization "Tyurksa", the Euroasian Union of writers and Agencies "Eskishekher – the capital of the cultural center of the Turkic world" devoted to the 100 anniversary since the birth of writer Ismayl Gaspyrala.

The Main secretary of Tyurksoy - Duysen Kaseinov, the Chairman of the Euroasian Union of writers - Yakup Deliomerogla and the Plenipotentiary ambassador of Kazakhstan Zhanseit Tuymebayev made a speech at the opening of the Congress.

Writers of such countries as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tatarsatan, the Crimean Tatars, Kosovo, Karachay Malkar, the Turkish Republic, Northern Cyprus, Gagauza, Turkey, Iraq, Iran took part in the Congress. Poets, writers and editors of literary magazines shared their ideas with literary magazines of the Turkic world.

At the end of solemn opening the Main secretary of Tyurksoy - Duysen Kaseinov and governor of city Eskishekher Gungor Azimtun solemnly handed an award "Man of the year of literature of the Turkic world" over the writer and winner of the State award of Kazakhstan Tolen Abdik.



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