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What appraisal is made by "Literature Portal" to...

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What appraisal is made by "Literature Portal" to the Poets?

What appraisal is made by  "Literature Portal"  to the Poets? -

Almaty Region Management of the development of languages ​​and "KazContent" JSC together with "Literary Portal" in honor of the 25th anniversary of Returning Independence of the Republic of Kazakstan, together with the suggestion of the literary works of poet Mukagali Makatayev to young audience of country, by dint of  poet’s  legacy  spread the patriotic upbringing of the young generation, to open the way for talented young poets and to raise the honor, privilege and status of a state language by poetry the national annual online contest for poets "Poetry, you are my twin?" held. For today, the deadline of the contest works is passed already. However, readers and fans can vote for their favorite songs until 1stSeptember. To vote you should register yourself on "Literary portal", log in, then by clicking the ‘star’ on the bottom of each photo of the poet.

It's worth noting that in the contest 28 poets participated. The works of a number of applicants do not meet the requirements (not required for one of the two theme songs) were out of the race. 

So, let’s talk about each poet separately. The first who sent to Portal his verses and songs was student of the Kazakstan National University named after Al-Farabi - Nurbek Nurzhanuly. Today, it has a rating of 2.97 points. More than 450 reader read already his poems. The young poet’s poem "Pine poet" dedicated to Mukagali Makatayev   makes the reader to give a start for wince. ( kazak people called Mukagaly Makataev so, because he had one song  “Omir sureik almasyp” – “Let’s change our lives and live”, in that song he says:

“Let’s change our lives and live”

      Young pine tree, with the heart of each sheets,
      Exchange soul for me, you do not give up,
      The handsome man reincarnated,
      Well I'm pine, only coz lasis!

                (Do not understand others as they explain)

                Life, even just once let your stay!

                In this world of mortal man becoming,

                my life is  trying to learn from the inside!

                I'm pine, reincarnated,

                And in the thicket itself is located.

                Becoming a young pine tree in the world of the other leave,

               And the eyes of a tree on it will see.

 And you fed generous land,

And I absorbed all the gifts it.

And when you - that someone - that gave birth,

And when I - that who - that gave birth.

Man, I'm only the difference in one

In other respects we resemble pine around

All my wealth - only one heart,

You have thousands of them, how lucky

And me in the future you'll experience

Because you live a very long time

Only one heart I just assume

My life depends on it

You have the heart of a thousand each sheet

By spreading them everywhere begin to live.

As spring comes again risen rapidly

Well, I dare, pine, exchanging soul!

Young pine tree, the heart of each sheet,

You for the earth mother as I hold on

Or a person becoming the pine,

To live a carefree reincarnated.


нурбек.jpg Here we  offering you to read the “loose translation” of poem translated from Kazak language to English

Pine resin, you left and did you know, 

that the people remained in the meadow,

Your poems in my cuddle, and letters in my embrace clinch.

Ğazals( from Kazak language means literary long songs) scudly flies from the book,

Deep in my  heart sky soaring and hover overing as berkut ( Golden Eagle ) , young poet shares the secrets  of a great poet. Young poet's comparing and combining to M. Makatayev “Let’s change our lives and live”  was of course  successful.

This Sun spreads the lights a thousand times, 

And thousand times,

Pine poet's wrinkles – it's a thousand twigs.

Or another one:

The leaf looks with it's  scintillation of the eyes,

Pine poet with downcast eyes dejected ...

Or another else:

With eyes of Mukagali  pines looking at me

Perishable and Pende ( untranslatable word of Kazak language that means the simple man or person who is fair, loves the God and so on ...) –  while watching the young poet's roads as a tribute to the humans ... I believe it is good to know that love feelings of young poet. Exhausted exhausted, longing for the poet.

Poets looking for  you from pines,

The streets of Almaty want to say ... the period:

Well, I'm looking from a city,

A pine... that has become Mukagali. In our view, a good poem. As it always justice is up to you.


Nurbek's second song named "The Independent sky birds". Here the poet reached a love to  independence through his  song.

Sonant laugh –beauty source-spring flows,

The heart without sorrow , without any sadness beats.

So as my sky nowadays, again as always, independent,

So the birds raised their wings with the free treatment, - says the poet. Thus, a sense of gratitude of the poet for the country of birth . And at the end of one of the themes to the emotions:

War, war - what is it good for who? Absolutely for nobody,

Independence of my homeland! I am depend to you! To you! – Comes down the poet's words to the tracksAs you can see, the young poet's this song is a little more paler than  the previous song, written in the first to talk to the most recent glomerular idea sounded like. Moreover, the technical gaps remain visible. For example:

For homeland  sacrificing myself is my soul, my honour,

I have much to offer, and a lot more to ask.

My heart beating is independant,

My eyes shining is independant, a low glomerular has the last two song road links, while under the influence of a song which has been spilled so on, however as sturgeon may affect the rest as the wild horse may affect to you. However, Nurbek Nurzhanuly are struggling to develop a number of races left its mark spoil one of the most talented young poets. Your vote in this race off ahead of you for not forgetting contributes to compating as horse racing.

The second participant is Alpamys Faizulla - a young writer. In recent time comparing himself in genre of prose, he  translated some literature classics of the world and and blinks into our eyes todays . He is also graduates the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University's journalism faculty  only this year. The first song that Alpamys sent to contest called "If I'll look for it with eyes of Mukagali".


A song is great! I's a song about poem. By looking to young poet's aroundings through Mukagali eyes, from every drop that dropped, from every whiff of wind , from every sounds of nature we can feel and see the song about a poem. Indeed, as said our anchestor Abai " When you born the door to world for your soulo opens a song-a poem, and with the song-the poem will be burried to grave your body», is it phenomenon that every movement, every sound and everything at all around us settled with poetry, isn't it?! Even, if we say, that every breath is much more treasured than gold, and ourselves are treasured more than gold, We can say so even! This one, could very good brought by young poet. Therefore, it is Alpamys philosophy:

I remember that Kazak,

Moreover if you ask: «Who owns the riches?».

If I'll look as Mukagali, oh, wonderful!

The world is full of poetry! – this parts of poem can not be implemented by another way it is.

«Day of Returning Independance» we couldn't see anything more from this his second song.  Of course, the Day of Returning Independence  deserves to speech about it!  That's way it was written in poems of many poets. Maybe that's why, it's really hard to say and write something unique and new about this day! If only the Lord will not give you some muse on this topic. However the young poet's  speech about Day of Returning Independance «Dulling diamond sword, again sharpened to the sun», involved river of joy, Stony-Rocky shore fullfilled with the sunlight, With the Shanyrak (from Kazak roof structural element, crowned with a dome tent in the form of lattice cross inscribed in a circle. Designed to hold the side elements of the dome - uyks (from Kazak column-pillars, shaft-uprights of Kazak nomad anchient Yurt-Jurt house)  and create an aperture to sunlight, and the smoke from the hearth)   in the middle «became normal» equalled to the sun even if in old times was said many times, all of it stays on it's place. So:

This day is means more and expense for Kazak.

as Mumin's ( from Kazak language means believer of God) Praying Day! - it's obvious without sayings that for muslim believer's this ways of his song is making your heart beat trembling.

By the way, the rating of alpamys "Batyr"( Means hero, knight, warrior from Kazak language) is 2,82 points, his poems were read 650 times. Therefore, we want to say to to readers of Alpamys's poems, do not forget to vote.

The following poet is  Sundet Seitov. His rating is – 3,77. His poem songs were read 343 times. His poem to Mukagali called «The funeral that happen fourty years ago» is really different from other songs. «I travelled to year of 1976. That was my dream. It was the presentation of Mukagali's collections of poems "Biography-life" . I were at this evening presentation party as a guest. But, I did'nt saw the Mukagali. I woke up and wrote «The funeral that happen fourty years ago»!!!» says the author.


After that, the young poet is simply irreplaceable near; the event includes a vision to understand neither indeed can be invaluable.

The great poet is passed away,

His Songs are spread on frantic arms,

His personality become as Nur(light) of Alatau(Mountain of Kazakstan).

Tusawında coming toward us,

Shaking their hands, by that the reader will be along the same of Mukagali by the time you when he forced to bury. You will come over him part of the great poet, in every sense of the world, bringing serious thought in his eyes.

"I saw that with my eyes" in this song young poet were born in a foreign country (ex-Kazak lands)seeks and respects  the value of our native ex-Kazak lands since his childhood liked to increased heart-felt and expressed topical ideas. However, did we think about that studying "Geography" in our country and studying it in a foreign country as subject, its different as between sky and land?! Did we think that the contrast is a huge?! This young poet says in his songs about problem that for the first looking does not matter at all but in this one poem a young poet from his heart showing hard feelings of the problem is more than obvious. Because when in a foreign country (means Uzbekistan) they says you that these lands of your ancestor’s is not part of your country (means Kazakstan) and never was part of  your country(Kazakstan), is difficult to imagine how that ravaged and making injure to your the soul. It’s seems like from your dead body that almost became divided by two parts one physical another is your ghost, looking for your dead body from aside, right?


Face buried in tears every day,

The moon was born on the left side toward us.

For the Uzbek Tashkent – is the huge and vast steppe  

For us, it’s one of small parts of pur Kazak lands, says the poet.

Of course, Tashkent city area is the place where our ancestors always lived, Tole, Aiteke beys are buried here, isn’t it? However, right now can we say so that this our lands? Soviet Regime and Russian and English Empire before made its cold and dishonest Policy “divide et impera” meaning Divide and rule in politics and sociology by gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of Kazak and Kazak-Turkic power into pieces that individually had less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept referred a strategy that broke up existing Kazak power structures, and especially prevented smaller power groups from linking up, causing rivalries and fomenting discord among the people year-by-year, a decade by decade, century by century, millennium by millennium, so now many Kazak places in the hands of strangers, not only on our ex-south lands as Tashkent area and Amudariya area which were part of Syrdariya Province, Zhizak and Samarkent (Samarkand) areas of Samarkent province, south side and east-south and west-south sides of Aral sea  area  south side of Zhetysu Province and north-east part of Fergana Province and many other Kazak lands in moment of dividing which were always the historical part of Kazak lands. One of the glomerular "The moon was born on the left side toward us" in this way of poem we will not be able to not see the cruel policy idea that was criticized by author.


At the end of the poem the young poet notes:

From Tashkent far left kögen (the lasso for tie the cattle )

Horses and Camels were guided all over the country by beating with qamshy (whip).

Our body hips were free at wide Big Kazak country,

Now the our lands there are plenty almost but not as it were before!

However, let’s celebrate the returning of state independence with gratitude and gratefulness about it.


To be continued...

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