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"Wreath of sonnets of Abai " by Dmitry Snegin...

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"Wreath of sonnets of Abai " by Dmitry Snegin

"Wreath of  sonnets of Abai " by Dmitry Snegin -
"Almighty magic! Mitya, you did not even know that you have created!" - Said Mukhtar Omarkhanovich Auezov  after the reading of "Wreath of sonnets of Abai"  by Dmitry Snegin. After Auezov has repeatedly said that it is "Wreath of sonnets of Abai" became for him a powerful catalyst for the completion of the now world-famous epic "The way of Abai".
"There are people who all his life remain faithful to the place of his birth. They remain true to its vocation, and his creativity, and his real life. Dmitri Snegin - one of them. He somehow unobtrusive, but the whole depth of his beautiful soul loved landscapes of Zheti-su(Seven rivers), and was a great son of the White City in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau(Alatau mountain). "My city is famous in the universe that it is no substitute," - once wrote poet Olzhas Suleimenov about Alma-Ata. These lines are often repeated by Dmitry Snegin.

His eternally young city were known worldwide. Including - through multifaceted creativity of Dmitri Fyodorovich, a native of Verny city  remaining true Faithful to the place of their habitat.

Dmitri Fyodorovich Snegin keenly interested in our poetic creativity. We, and these poets: Vyacheslav Kiktenko, Alexander Schmidt, Alexander Solovyev, and many others, among whom I count myself, back in the late seventies of the last century are often amazed at how interested elder reacted to our publications. Of course, it was a master of support during our creative development. We then just do not understand and are not aware of. The understanding came later, with the advent of adulthood and leaving his youth, when the sensual element of perceiving the world is filled with, unfortunately, self-irony to bitterness when the times comes irrepressible desire to share creative search for a man who from the very beginning of your poetic way was the person concerned and more teacher of us all, the current fifty years, and this man is no longer among us. But were his books, his poetry and prose, and his memory in our hearts Alma-Ata "- Bakhytzhan Kanapyanov.

July 18, 1942. Logvinenko Momyshuly and Snegin-Potseluev

"Wreath of sonnets of Abai" by Dmitry Snegin - indeed, only as "wreath" can not be called: so all in it harmoniously, so precisely matched words and subtly feel all the nuances of state of mind "of the great Kazakh":

Dreams about the gold pore ...

Ah, to childhood of Chingistau there is no return!

There is only one delight - at the sundown boundaries

Your stories, my grandmother Zere.

Oh, these tales! And cold out in January,

And the heart with fear, hugs with joy, 

When led is rich by fiction

Batyrs(knights-warriors), it seemed, fighting in the yard.

And howling like a wolf distant dells.

However are affectionate grandmother's wrinkles, 

Bestowing faith and peace.

Forgotten pain of paternal love.

And bright dream with a careful hand

Have closed his eyes, straightened his brow softly.

Commanders of Panfilov division. From left to right: Guard First Lieutenant of an artillery battalion commander Dmitry Potseluev (Snegin), Guards Senior Lieutenant of deputy division chief of staff Yevgeny Kolokolnikov, Guard Captain commander of the Talgar Regiment Bauyrzhan Momysh-uly and soldier Sukhov. Kalinin Front, 1942.

But the name of cycle of Snegin has  a theoretical basis: crown of sonnets at the turn of XIX-XX centuries began to actively use Russian poets. The wreath of sonnets every last line of the sonnet becomes the first line of the following, and the last line of the fourteenth sonnet is also the first line of the first. Thus, there is a wreath of fifteen sonnets. Last fifteenth sonnet (highway) is formed from the first lines of the previous fourteen sonnets. Wreath of sonnets originated in Italy, finally took shape at the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries.

The first version of the original wreath of sonnets belong to the poets of the "Silver Age" Vyacheslav .I. Ivanov and M. A. Voloshin. The most famous sonnets K.D.Balmont garlands, V. Y. Brusov, I.L.Selvinskiy, S.I.Kirsanov, P.G.Antokolskiy, V.A.Solouhin. Currently, there are about one hundred and fifty wreaths sonnets Russian poets. In the world of poetry number of wreaths sonnets close to six hundred.

It may be noted the following sonnets:

The love sonnet

The sonnet-a poetic manifesto

The sonnet-ordination

The sonnet-portrait

The ironic sonnet

"Wreath of sonnets of Abai" can be attributed to the dedication and sonnet-portrait: the reader is in the process of becoming a person of Abai. First - study in madrassas:

He closed his eyes, straightened softly eyebrows -

Which year he was in the walls of madrassas?

Sparkle in it, like the dew,

Words of hope, open to the book of Novi.


After - time youth of the poet:

Work hard, Abay. Inquisitive your people

In the dark, but is waiting for your bounty,

And in the birth severe stagnation

Hatched a thought of good ...

Abay in judgment-school uniform  chapan

There is toward dawn.

Abay- is already a poet, but the author warns him:


Abay, Abay, have not been started roads:

You just established on the verge of

The path where the pen tip

Meaning a simple truthful word.

Dmitry Snegin recalls  an episode from the life of Abai, described in the novel of Mukhtar Auezov, his fascination with smart girl and very Saltanat:


What is the truth? And what is love? Love -

She, as a pretext, in a fist clamped!

But you're lying, heart, and you pay

That tears Saltanat, the call of the ancestors ...

After reading the story gray legends,

Postignul he love, separation, conscience.


And here in front of us - really "great son of the Kazakh people"


Dombra Nabatnaya anthem sounded.

Now she sang, and the creator!

Let wrongfully impeached father

And anathematized fiscals -

He has found the light and the good start

And slabodushie defined end.

Sonnets of Dmitry Snegin impressed not only Mukhtar Auezov: shortly before the beginning of 1940 he received a letter from the village Chigirinovki Tsuryupinskiy area of Pavlodar region. 18-year-old Komsomol member Nikolai Solovyev  gently brought following line with ink:

" Dear Comrade Snegin!  I was struck by your poems from them enthusiastically beating heart:" Man holds a moment / When the gift that is given by fate / Opens living spring / Leaves thick fog ... "This is your translation of the poem Abai As I can understand, these verses to you unknown Russian youngman ! "

Snegin (then turned it 27) Do not know the young man replied. He immediately responded to the new confession:

"Your poems -. It is a flame for me -. The most valuable When I remember you, think about Lermontov and Pushkin."

 And then followed the assurance:

"I'm not some boaster to say:" Wow I  am in correspondence with Snegin! But nomatter what will happen to me in this world,  I will  remember you forever. "

This touching conversation was interrupted by the war, and Snegin did not receive a  letters from enthusiastic young man who undoubtedly had a rare, susceptible to this poetry, soul. Unfortunately, there is no longer alive Dmitry Snegin, and it is not known what became with the young Nikolai Solovyov, but the "Wreath of sonnets of Abai" and to this day has its always grateful and loyal readers.

Naila Galeeva

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